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Catalonia is installed in the posverdad

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Catalonia is installed in the posverdad

independence accelerates diffusion blatant hoaxes and manipulations as we approach 1-Or

The disease of rich is to believe she is poor. Catalonia suffers at altitudes epidemic this pathology was described by writer Albert Cohen. The massive manifestation of last Day offered symptoms clear: tens of thousands of people celebrating in naive verbena transit into unknown. This delirium group, has made one of richest communities of Spain walk towards abyss with decision of outcast who has nothing to lose, is not result of an outbreak spontaneous but that it is a bad armature.

It's what y now call posverdad, a litany suggestive and poisonous, which ends with awakening of impulses of suicide of peoples prosperous and sheltered under umbrella of democratic guarantees. How is it possible that a crowd out to streets of a western country to claim a rights restriction as imposed by call Law of Transience Catalan?

The closer date of 1 October with more violence move gears of posverdad. After seizure of lie original, which is that referendum is an imposition of Catalan people that ir leaders have no choice but to comply, block secessionist currently works by imposing two fictions: international legitimacy of procés, and heroism of its drivers.

TO MANIPULATE JUNCKER. Junqueras: "Juncker has said that it will acknowledge new Catalan republic" THE WORLD (Video)

On stage erected in centre of Arena Tarraco Tarragona, in rally's inaugural campaign for yes in referendum illegal from October 1, vice-president Catalan Oriol Junqueras proclaimed in triumph: "it Is this mobilization which explains that today, for example, president of European Commission has said that if Catalonia vote yes to recognize new republic." It is a very recent example of lies that make up first fiction. Jean Claude Juncker has ever said that. The statement that Junqueras has tampered with comes from an interview with Juncker by three youtubers to Euronews: "The European Commission has in principle not take part in internal debate of a member State (...) we have Always said that we will respect agreements of Constitutional Court and Spanish Parliament. It is evident that, if a yes to Catalan independence saw light, that we see it, respetaríamos that decision. But Catalonia would not turn next day a member of EU. Catalonia would be subject to a process of accession as that have had States that have entered since 2004".

These statements of Juncker are sadly vague but it does lack a clear willingness of misrepresentation-and intentional omission of reference to provisions of Constitutional Court and of Congress of Deputies, - to interpret m that EU will recognize a new sovereign nation brought forth in a referendum to be illegal and without warranties.


A lie of deputy ERC Gabriel Ruffian destined for same end had a shorter flight. In an interview with program Al Rojo Vivo of The Sixth spoke of "supranational entities that are considering absolutely anti-democratic opinion of Government of Spain". The presenter went to went of this statement, and asked for particulars. After several hesitation, Rogue just happened to point out two names: Julian Assange and Yanis Varoufakis. That is to say, a thief of documents and a short-lived Greek minister to which no-one pays attention as examples of supranational entities that support Catalan referendum. Here's how to build illusion of international recognition of an illegal process of independence that no democratic government has lent or will lend its support.


All part of a lie original, repeated ad nauseum by Oriol Junqueras in numerous interviews he has granted se days in media sphere of state. The that international law exempts leaders catalans compliance of Spanish laws. There is no international standard covering right to secession of a region as a Catalonia. The right to self-determination of peoples, which recognises UN resolution 1514 is limited to territorial integrity of State, that is to say, that only goes to peoples subjected to colonial domination. For a region to live independent of Spain is necessary a reform of Constitution, and process is somewhat more complex -and democratic - that a query without any warranties held with ballots printed at home.

one Who violates supreme law of a democratic State is not, refore, a hero in favor of rights of oppressed peoples, but a vulgar offender. The leaders of magma independence are busy se days in that it may seem orwise. It is second fiction that tries to impose at this stage of adventure. Of Puigdemont Anna Gabriel starting with Artur Mas, all accomplices of procés looking for a site in martyrology of independence, with same zeal with which y tried, while it was possible, to spare yourself discomfort inevitably associated with martyrdom.


So, an irrelevant weekly regional as The Vallenc ends become symbol of freedom of expression when Civil Guard comes to ir facilities, only and exclusively, in search of material for realization of referendum. As if Generalitat does not have speakers more powerful, as regional television TV3 or radio stations of Catalunya Ràdio, to advertise ir propaganda and as if re were no spread of public subsidies to media Catalan, for decades, to buy ir complicity.

But appearance of repression is fuel for posverdad. And that is why it is inevitable to suspect that, following announcement of Anna Gabriel of mayors of CUP will not be served to subpoena of Attorney General of State, late desire - craving - that are arrested to swell martyrology. An appearance before authority does not have epic of a string of prisoners, and only epic can become successful propaganda, failure operating of query. These councillors have been called to sacrifice mselves, and if you are eventually arrested will be presented as heroic militants. The procés has had virtue of freeing independence of ir complexes and lies have become less sophisticated.


One of milestones in construction of an alternative reality to Catalonia, appeared in speaker in parliament of CKD Joan Tarda when from tribune of Congress addressed to president Mariano Rajoy those two unforgettable rhetorical questions: "why do you think that we want to establish a republic? Do you think we are morons and that for our children we want a Catalonia corrupt?". His speech ended with a "Farewell corruption, welcome republic" which, by its effrontery, is reminiscent of an old slogan that has been falling in disuse.

The authorship of slogan Espanya ens roba is attributed to notary, Alfons López Tena, former militant of convergence and union, founder of Solidaritat per la Independencia and today disowned by his lack of orthodoxy. The insidious adage López Tena met all requirements to be installed in primary acquis sovereignty. It is a lie that encourages complacency of people, who are lies more attractive. Say Espanya ens roba is like saying that people of Catalonia is a single payer that it compensates with your productivity negligence of anor taxpayer only as might be people of Extremadura. It is a perverse logic and not even likely to believe at least assertion becomes truth, as evidenced by deterioration of fiscal balances published by Ministry of Finance.

THE self-fulfilling PROPHECY.

But it would be no exaggeration to say that Espanya ens roba is lie of founding of dense network of lies that holds argumentario of procés. There is a lie implicit, we could call it nuclear because it is in very center of secessionist discourse, and that is much more dangerous than rest as it is a lie that can become truth. It is one that says that we can not live toger. The famous self-fulfilling prophecy -a lie that ends up becoming truth - that all nationalism's exclusionary seeks to do away with coexistence.


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