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Catalonia prepares to declare independence on October 9th

The Parliament of Catalonia autonomous Administration in eastern Spain is preparing to declare unilateral independence on October 9th. Explaining that the local Parliament of Catalonia expects difficult days,

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Catalonia prepares to declare independence on October 9th

Although Constitutional Court declared illegal in referendum on October 1st and 90 percent of ' yes ', government of Catalonia's autonomous administration, explaining that despite all warnings of Spanish Government, acted to declare unilateral independence Passed.

In meeting of group Heads of political parties, ruling independence of pro-government ' Junts pel Si (Unity for Yes) ' and extreme leftist People's candidacy (CUP), which supports outside, is an extraordinary part of Catalan parliament on October 9th. It was decided to collect.

Nothing's going to brake

"Nothing will curb declaration of independence on November 9th," said Mireia Boya, a member of CUP party, who organised a press conference on subject. We know, 155. They will implement substance ( constitutional clause that deserves transfer of autonomous administration rights to central government). The Catalan parliament may make a decision to suspend members of court or local government for arrests or public service. We're ready for anything. We urge Catalan people to be mobilized on street. "

  • The opposition parties against decision of Junts pel Si and CUP were immediately 155 from Spanish government. He asked m to take application to early elections in Catalonia. Opposition parties have announced that y will not participate in a possible unilateral declaration of independence, as in referendum decision, and be released from General Assembly Hall during vote.

In Spain, despite being in power, smallest political party in Catalonia, president of People's Party in Catalonia, Xavier Garcia Albion, on October 8th, "Defending Democracy, freedom and honorable life" against all independence in Catalonia To perform in Barcelona.

The hard days are waiting

"I'm sure we will have more difficult days in Catalonia for a few months," said Albiol, a press conference in local Parliament of Catalonia. The attention that y are ready for everything, "albiol," we are prepared for this if y even distribute our faces. But I can assure you that even if local government declares independence in Catalonia, it will never come to an end, "he said.

Spanish Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido backed national Police and gendarmerie, which were sent as reinforcements to region due to tension of referendum.


"We are proud of you," said Zoido, who visited police and Gendarmerie in Barcelona, when some of security officials in Catalonia were asked to be evicted from hotels y stayed in by separatist groups. Our government will never tolerate vaccination of hatred against Spanish national Police and gendarmerie, "he said. Zoido, who had breakfast with security forces remaining on ships waiting at Port of Barcelona, said that reinforcements would continue to be held at least until October 11th in Catalonia.

The Spanish national court also accused gendarmerie raid on economy Ministry of Autonomous Administration of Catalonia on September 20th, and local police of Catalonia (Mossos) who protested against law by not interfering with public property protesters D'esquadra) General manager Josep Lluis Trapero and his deputy Teresa Laplana filed an investigation.


Declaration of independence from world Catalonia


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