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Catalonia, the portrait of the head of the Mosses & #x3a; "The true eore of these days"

A law degree, guitar and passion for the garden. Then the gadgets with his face and choirs during the independence court. Who is Josep ">04 Ekim 2017 Çarşamba 12:33 - 19 reads.

Catalonia, the portrait of the head of the Mosses & #x3a;
Barcelona - commander of Catalan police, now cited as defendant of sediment, has become in se months one of most beloved figures in Catalonia. Before, after jihadists attacks in August, n for decision not to use force in evacuation of schools occupied before referendum on Sunday. It was not first refusal of Ministry of Interior to submit moves to coordination of a colonel of Civil Guard. Two acts of rebellion that dragged, if re was still need, this Catalan policeman of 52 years in Panon of heroes of local irredentism. Vote Catalonia, applause and hugs to local police share T-shirts and hats with his face, a cheer on Twitter with thousands of followers, Cori Durant And independant court, have transformed major in one of most beloved characters from secessionist people of Catalonia. It all started after Barcelona Las Ramblas bombing last August 17 when, during a press conference, a group of journalists contested it because it answered questions in Catalan. He said: "If question is in Catalan I answer in Catalan, if I ask in Castilian I answer in Castilian." The journalists in protest left press conference and he liquidised saying: "Very well, goodbye". Catalonia, from Puigdemont to Topero: protagonists of referendum response of Transpero became in a viral moment on social as a proud affirmation of Catalan identity. Son of a taxi driver, in Mossos from 89, he was appointed head of Catalan police in April of this year. It is known to be very stubborn man and also rar rough in stretch. Great self-esteem, much ambition, is described as "intelligent, hardworking, stubborn, wary." But he flaunts great humanity towards his agents ("I always have door of Open Office") and, in his years as Chief Commissioner, to have helped change attitude of Mossos. Famous remained his very critical commentary when in 2012 Catalan agents They cleared beatings a demonstration in main square of Barcelona. He said that for present society was intolerable image of a cop who beats without reason a protester. He was trained as an investigator and, already a cop, he graduated in law in 2006. Before he had studied biology and until recently he said that his dream was to be a forest to spend winter taking photographs in natural parks. When she doesn't work she takes care of her garden. He plays guitar. He sings in memory songs of Juan Manuel Serrat and loves to cook paella. Vote Catalonia: Policemen against citizens in Urban guerrilla day in Barcelona share now his Popeye with judges and Ministry of Interior PO May cost him dear, but for people of Catalan independence he is true hero of se days.


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