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Cause unclear - coach tips – one Dead, many injured!

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Cause unclear - coach tips – one Dead, many injured!

Tecklenburg y were on way to a Christian Festival. Then Drama!In case of a bus accident was in morning, killed in Tecklenburg, a woman. 21 passengers were injured in hospitals. At scene of accident, seven paramedics, dozens of paramedics and 13 emergency chaplains were used.

rescue workers are in use photo: NWM-TV

at about 10.40 PM was Shuttle-Bus with 77 passenger on road from a Parking lot to event site in Tecklenburg, where a Feast for 500. The anniversary of Reformation was celebrated. Because of popularity of streets were blocked, Parking spaces in outdoor area and Shuttle buses have been used.

With a heavy device was Bus salvaged photo: Marco Stepniak Savior can a woman who was buried under Bus, only dead mountain photo: Marco Stepniak

About two kilometers from finish, accident Bus was on a highway behind a curve to left and to right on banquets, and tipped on an embankment to side in a corn field. A woman (identity unknown) was thrown from vehicle and trapped. The fire Department was able to recover only dead. The injured were transported to surrounding hospitals. Many of m could be to outpatient treatment dismissed.

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it is Still unclear why driver (53) swerved off roadway. After accident, organizers said some parts of Feast.

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