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Cavusoglu Visa Crisis Description: Turkey does not bow to the groom

Speaking about the visa crisis with the United States, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu, quo; Turkey does not bow to the groom. We are cooperating, but there is an independent jurisdiction in Turkey and 39;d. If there are evidence, the legal process works. According to us, the visa said it was an unnecessary chrysanthemum quo;

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Cavusoglu Visa Crisis Description: Turkey does not bow to the groom
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Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu answered questions of journalists at a joint press conference in Ankara with Portuguese Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva. Foreign Minister Cavusoglu, who is in assessments on visa crisis with United States, said: We will agree, when re is something in accordance with our laws, our Constitution and our sovereignty, we cooperate. But in Turkey, we refuse to accept terms and conditions that we do not submit to head. We cooperate, but re is an independent judiciary in Turkey. "

Stressing that negotiations with US delegation were conducted to overcome visa crisis, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu said, "We think that re should be no such issues between two allies, that we will overcome this problem with mutual understanding".

"Kurdish administration's account returned from Baghdad" Speaking about Iraqi army's operation in Kirkuk and its surroundings, Foreign Minister Cavusoglu said: "Ikby made wrong account and did not listen to our recommendations. But we told m that re might be problems y're facing right now. But this account, of course, has returned from Baghdad. He thought it would get more gains. He thought he would unite Kurds, and vice versa, in Iraq, unfortunately, Kurds interrupted. There's a great chaos right now, re's confusion. "

During his visit to Erbil, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu stressed that y saw majority of Kurdish parties and that most of m were opposed to referendum, and said invalidity of referendum has begun to be understood in land. Cavusoglu, continued as follows:"Kirkuk, according to Iraqi constitution, is based on central government. They tried to create a ' de facto ' situation here. They appointed governor. They make a referendum for mselves. Essentially, according to Constitution, this is within boundaries of central Administration. Of course, it is natural to provide legitimacy here, but all people living here must live in peace. The important thing is to come to peace. There's no end to it. We always say. We support territorial integrity of Iraq, and in steps we take, steps that Baghdad has taken and demands from us are always criteria, criteria. Our contacts with Baghdad continue. "


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