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CDU MEP silent on Azerbaijan Connection

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CDU MEP silent on Azerbaijan Connection

Karin Straw was visibly enjoying evening. The pictures of your election party show cheering campaigners, happy employees and a relieved MEP. For third consecutive year, Straw won direct mandate in Bundestag constituency 13 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, but with a drastic damper: 13 percent less first votes compared to Bundestag election 2013. She lost almost 15 000 voters. Also in second vote, CDU was severely broken in constituency, but Straw ' personal losses were greater.

In week before election, Süddeutsche Zeitung and ARD magazine report Mainz had revealed that Straw had adopted money from Azerbaijan via detours. In years 2014 and 2015, it paid up to 30 000 euros to company line-M trade, which belongs to former CSU state secretary Eduard Linter. For several years, Linter had allegedly received monies from brutal regime in Azerbaijan in order to provide lobbying for autocratic state in Germany and Council of Europe. It was now known that two Belgian MPs had been paid for one of his companies. One of members n resigned from Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe.

Mr. Linter is traveling A German ex-member supervises Azerbaijan elections-against payment. By Hannes Munzinger, Bastian Mayer, Pia Ratzesberger more...

Among or things, Linter organized election observation missions to Azerbaijani capital Baku, which regularly certified state of clean and fair elections, while international organizations spoke of drastic influences. Straw had also participated in such trips without disclosing ir possible conflicts of interest.

The money from Lintners company she had to get for a consultant activity wrote MPs on Facebook: "This was about promoting economic relations with a view to possible creation of new jobs." Where economic relations should be promoted and jobs should be created, as consultancy contract came about and what resulted from consultation leaves m open to this day. Even to anor company that she had founded with a former employee Lintners and n transferred shares to her husband, she is silent. In doing so, she had announced days before election of's ARD reporters that y could ask for an interview after election. "Then we meet--God willing--in our office and n we talk to each or," she said before running camera. Now Karin Straw doesn't want that anymore. E-mails and calls leave you unanswered, your office is unavailable for days.

After CDU/CSU group first declared that one does not want to express itself before straw did not explain itself, it is now quietly criticized internally. The head of German Council of Europe Delegation and Chairman of EPP Group in Council of Europe, Axel Fischer (CDU), writes of "moral misconduct of individuals". This is a letter to honourable Member Frank Schwabe (SPD), who accuses straw of corruption and called for a special session of Council of Europe's delegation. Fischer had rejected a special session, and on request he did not want to comment on wher case of straw faction had internal consequences and wher union would again propose Karin Straw for Council of Europe's delegation.

By way, Axel Fischer is member who, in June, was to comment on a critical statement by his colleague Schwabe on influence of Azerbaijan in Council of Europe. Schwabe had said that, in Council of Europe, it is often "not about protection of human rights, but about protection of Governments that disregard human rights". This was obviously too much for Fischer, he put up without a word.

The Azerbaijan connection of a CDU MEP several times, CDU Bundestag MEP Karin Straw received money from a company that was financed by Government in Baku. Straw is conspicuously positive towards authoritarian regime. By Hannes Munzinger, Bastian Mayer and Pia Ratzesberger more...


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