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Christopher Hein: "The terms antisbarchi with the mayors now are working"

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Christopher Hein: "The terms antisbarchi with the mayors now are working"
ROME. "re is No evidence that Italian government deal directly with militias of libya. But one thing is certain: collapse of landings from July to today, still requires an explanation,". Christopher Hein, professor of law and political's immigration to Luiss and già director of Italian Council for refugees, does not want to credit those that "for now are only speculation ", but warns: "For smugglers priorityà not è bring migrants in Italy, but to make money. And se can be obtained in various ways".What is today situation of refugees in Libya?"A terrible condition, especially in detention centres, but not only. Today on libyan territory, we are witnessing a sort of traffic of slaves, frequently labour or sexual exploitation".what do you think of 'accord italo-libyan?"The decline of departures from July of quest' year has led to reduction of deaths at sea, and this can notò that be received as good news. Work not is so l'agreement with government Serraj, as everyone knows, controls very little territory not only in Cyrenaica but also in Tripolitania, where y often control armed militias. If you want to get something concrete in Libya, finché c'è this vacuum in central government, we must undoubtedly start from bottom, from community; and by auditors, as it is doing sensibly, minister of 'Interior Marco Minniti".This is enough to explain drop in arrivals of migrants by sea?"those Who depart from Libya does not board generally from beaches, but from ports, and monitor a port, if re'è willà, può do. So far re'was, for a few months, because it'sudden c'è. This willà has led to blocking of all departures and all'interception by libyan coast guard who già è in sea. In short, it is undoubted that both authoritiesà local armed militias have been induced to do what first did not: check coasts".And what y received in exchange?" agreements of The Viminale with mayors have been good. To speak of money given to armed militias today is only speculation. Let us remember that for traffickers l'important è to make money, not to embark migrants and sources of profit on libyan territory are different, starting now from illegal trafficking of oil. But undoubtedly collapse of landings still requires some explanation. And not is everything: real risk today is to underestimate l'humanitarian emergency".That of migrants detained in Libya, in fields of harvest are difficult to control?"In agreements, we speak generically about respect of human rights, which has little meaning in a Country where none of authoritiesà is that really protection. The risk is of having done second step but not first: you have closed borders for libyans, without having created human conditions of acceptance and without l'opening of humanitarian corridors to l'legal entry into Europe".


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