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Clashes in St Louis after the acquittal of a former police officer on trial for the murder of a young Black

A few hundred protesters have expressed their discontent in this town next to Ferguson, where is born the movement " Black lives matter ".

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Clashes in St Louis after the acquittal of a former police officer on trial for the murder of a young Black
A rally in St Louis, Missouri, led to clashes in night from Friday 15 to Saturday 16 September. Several hundred demonstrators were gared near a court for verdict of a case from 2011 in which a former police officer white was on trial for murder of a young black man suspected of being a drug dealer. Friday, man was acquitted. The clashes occurred as demonstrators were leaving area around court and moved to a different neighborhood, shouting : "No justice, no peace ", " se cops killers must go ! ".

The police used tear gas and rubber bullets while protesters broke windows of shops and throwing stones and water bottles on forces of law and order. The home of mayor of St. Louis, democrat Lyda Krewson, has also been referred to, has announced police, who said a dozen wounded in its ranks, and at least 23 arrests.

following violence, rock group U2 has cancelled concert he was giving at St Louis Saturday evening, putting forward reasons of security for spectators. "We have been informed by police of St Louis that she was not able to provide standard protection for our audience as this should be case for an event of this magnitude," said U2 in a joint press release with organizer of concert, Live Nation.

Five weeks of trial

At end of five weeks of trial, ex-police officer Jason Stockley, aged 36, was found not guilty of murder in death of young Black man Anthony Lamar Smith, who had 24 years. The latter was shot and killed in his vehicle while he was attempting to escape Jason Stockley and anor officer, on December 20, 2011. Judge Timothy Wilson found that prosecutor had not demonstrated "beyond reasonable doubt" that police officer had not acted in self-defence.

Jason Stockley has claimed to have seen Anthony Lamar Smith's attempt to seize a gun in his car, but weapon does not appear on images of onboard camera in police car, nor on those taken by a witness on his mobile phone and by surveillance camera of a nearby restaurant. Judge Wilson explained in his decision that " in nearly 30 years of experience in court, a drug dealer with a gun would be an anomaly ".

The verdict has had a particular resonance in St. Louis, site of riots in 2014 after death of Michael Brown, 18, in Ferguson, not far away. He had been killed by a white policeman, who had escaped all prosecution. Which had sparked a protest movement across country against killings of black suspects by white police officers. It is on this occasion that defense motion "Black lives matter" (" The lives of black matter ") was increased in power.


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