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Condemned in France by a animalist who celebrated the murder of a hostage in the attack of Trébes

An expolitic has also been condemned for rejoicing in the death of the gendarme

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Condemned in France by a animalist who celebrated the murder of a hostage in the attack of Trébes

The intense debate on freedom of expression that has been experienced in Spain following trials of enhancement of terrorism to a rapper and a young woman for her tweets with jokes about Carrero Blanco has not been seconded in France. From left to right, country has accepted this week without questioning immediate judicial sentences of a vegan activist and a former political candidate who mocked several of victims of last jihadi attack, last Friday in Carcassonne and neighboring Trèbes.

The last was vegan activist, who had written a message on Facebook stating his "zero compassion" for death of Christian Medves, a butcher of Super U supermarket Trèbes who died when terrorist Radouane Lakdim came in and shot before Barricade himself until he is killed by law enforcement.

"So you are shocked that a murderer is killed by a terrorist? For me no, I feel compassion zero for him, re is a certain justice in it, "he commented on social network three days after terrorist attack. The woman withdrew shortly after message, but that has served her little. A court in Saint-Gaudens, in southwestern part of country, condemned it on Thursday to seven months in prison suspended for apology of terrorism.

A few days earlier, anor French court also condemned "apology of terrorism" to Stéphane Poussier, a candidate for legislature by leftist party Unsubmissive France that on Saturday published two tweets celebrating death of gendarme Arnaud Beltrame, Who lost his life in attack after exchanged for last hostage of Lakdim and received national honors this week.

"Every time a gendarme gets killed, I think of my friend Rémi Fraisse," tweeted Poussier in reference to a young militant ecologist who died in 2014 because of a grenade launched by a gendarme in southwestern France. "Here is a colonel who bites dust. And by way, anor macron voter minus, "he added in anor message. Poussier was detained on Sunday and on Tuesday he was sentenced to one year in prison, exempt from compliance and disqualification from public office for seven years. A gesture perhaps unnecessary, given that party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon immediately announced its expulsion and also threatened to sue.

Both convictions are based on decision of Socialist government François Hollande to act more forcefully in cases of apology of terrorism following attacks of January 2015 against satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket.

Known as "circular Taubira", by name of n Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira, ministerial note calls on prosecutors to act quickly and give "a systematic, adapted and individualized criminal response" to "infringements of Provocation to terrorism and advocacy of terrorism ", a penalty in France punished with up to seven years in prison and a fine of 100,000 euros.

The French Penal Code considers terrorism an apology for fact that it "provokes directly commission of acts of terrorism or of making public apology of se acts". Taubira took a step furr by including in its definition "presenting or discussing acts of terrorism by making a morally favorable judgement on m."

A conception quoted by Prosecutor of case against vegan activist, to say that text of this "is exactly that," according to Agence France Presse. The court that judged Poussier also considered that its tweets contained a "favorable, even very favorable presentation" of "Consequences of a terrorist act".

For Amnesty International, which in 2015 warned against circular Taubira, problem is very concept of advocacy of terrorism, "which is badly defined" and "allows a rar broad interpretation", explained to this newspaper Dominique Curis, expert in Freedom of expression of NGO. Without entering into specific cases, specialist noted that "in global context of attacks, rapid reactions in a moment of strong emotions can facilitate a more repressive interpretation of certain statements." But freedom of expression, he recalled, "must also allow expressions that sometimes collide, hurt or fret. It is European Court of Human Rights that says it. And answer should not necessarily be criminal, "he said.


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