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Confrontation exacerbates economic turbulence in Iran

Tehran executive prepares remodeling

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Confrontation exacerbates economic turbulence in Iran

As authorities of both countries cling to exchanging threats through speeches and social networks, Iranians see ir savings and purchasing power vanish because of growing instability of ir economy. The rial, Iranian currency, it has devalued 85% in last year and gold has increased 30% in last week and refore Iranians increasingly opt to convert ir savings into gold, currency or brick instead of leaving m in banks.

"What is said about Iran both inside and outside country provokes rise in price of gold coin," said Monday Ebrahim Mohammadvali, president of Guild of Gold sellers and jewels of Iran, convinced that "if it does not change situation and currency continues to rise , prices will rise furr. "

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Not in vain, US secretary of State Mike Pompeo's speech at Reagan Foundation in Los Angeles, in which he threatened Iranian authorities with stepping up sanctions and Trump's harsh response through his Twitter account to Tehran , which fakes to block Strait of Hormuz, unleashed a storm of tweets in favor and against measures taken by both parties. One of most used labels was islamicregimemustgo ( Islamic regime has to leave) which was shared more than 400,000 times, before 100,000 tweets with stopmeddlinginiran (stop meddling in Iran) who insist on a reform within Iranian system and Emphasize that U.S. and especially Trump is not trustworthy.

Mahmoud Vaezi, head of Cabinet of Iranian president said last week that "re will be changes in government's economic team" and thus officially confirmed rumors that had been for a month about change of some ministers. Hasan Rohaní is already going through difficult times and must decide wher he wants to approach conservative stances of leader's house, Ayatollah Jameneí or prefer to pursue his moderate policy; Although positions of last month of chief executive reinforce first option.

Part of Iranian public opinion supports idea of regime change as only solution to problems, while or defends a less abrupt reform by recalling dire experiences of countries in area, where hierarchy of power is Modified from above and with foreign intervention. Iran's will is less because of inability of authorities to guarantee m a promising future.

Analysts admit that part of economic hardships of Asian country comes from Washington exit of nuclear agreement, but imminent start-up of American sanctions has been drop that has filled glass, we should not forget that Current sclerosis of problems melts its roots in decades of mismanagement and paralysis of judicial system in face of countless cases of corruption.

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