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Conservatives win elections in Iceland, but lose support

Small Parties become fundamental to the formation of a stable government in the Nordic country

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Conservatives win elections in Iceland, but lose support

The Conservative Party of independence of current prime Minister, Bjarni Benediktsson, wins Saturday general election in Iceland with 25.2% (16 seats) of votes, according to official data, in a high level of participation elections ( 81.2%). Benediksson loses support for 2016 and thus strengns future negotiations to form a stable executive. The green Left is placed in second position — with 16.9% of votes (11 seats) — thus opening up a possibility to form an executive with like-minded forces such as Social Democrats (12.1%, (seven seats) and pirates (9.2%, six seats) and ors Smaller parties. Experts warn, however, that days of negotiations will be needed to agree on a government coalition. After last election of a year ago, three months of talks were necessary for Iceland to have a new executive.

The great surprise has been given by party center, new formation created by former Prime Minister Sigmudur David Gunnlaugsson, with 10.9%. This force will be key to formation of a Conservative government, although panorama is uncertain. "It is still difficult to predict wher we will have a leftist or right-wing government," emailed sociologist at University of Reykjavik Helgi Gunnlaugsson. Iceland now faces an "unprecedented" situation, according to Benediktsson itself to State station/, for which it is necessary that all parties have "open mind". The smaller parties with parliamentary representation become from now on fundamentals to reach majority of 32 seats (in a parliament of 63) in order to be able to govern country. The Green Left will not negotiate eir independently, nor with center with which progress, with eight seats, could also have key.

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The Green Left will make sure with Social Democrats, ir brors by nature and with those who ruled in legislature of 2008-2013, and "possibly" with pirates, as confirmed to country Secretary general of environmental movement, BJÖRC Eva Erlendsdóttir. But this pact only adds up to 24 seats so y will have to seek support from or minor forces, but of great importance to m, or in Progreo. The Conservative bloc: independence and center would reach 23 seats and would need, but with progress it would be 31, so I would need only one more to occupy Icelandic government.

In new parliament of 63 seats, which would have record number of eight political forces, re will also be Pirate Party, which would lose one-third of its support; The Progressive Party, party regeneration and party of people, of ultranationalist court and that would enter for first time in chamber. Bright future, which was party that broke previous government by taking it to its umpteenth crisis and forcing it to convene early elections, has been severely punished and has passed to opposition extraparliamentary losing four deputies y had.

The elections were convened at a crucial moment for Icelandic economy. A couple of months ago, country ended its recovery with lifting of capital controls that were autoimpusieron. But today, re are signs of deceleration, according to Bloomberg, which again puts country's stability in doubt.

Tie to end

Conservatives and progressives arrived in a situation of technical tie to elections held this Saturday. Iceland, a country with just over 340,000 inhabitants, went to polls for second time in a year after head of government, Bjarni Benediktsson, was spotted by a scandal of transparency and morality. His executive has only been 247 days in power, which makes him briefest cabinet in history of Nordic country.

The Independence Party ruled in coalition with regeneration and bright future for 11 months. Last September, a scandal related to Prime Minister's far made bright future leave government alliance, causing umpteenth political crisis on Nordic island and leading to new elections. But despite seriousness of case, Conservatives of independence remain favorite training for Icelanders. The preliminary results demonstrate this.


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