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Convicted of corruption by a former minister of Berlusconi

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Convicted of corruption by a former minister of Berlusconi

Pile Matteoli has been sentenced to four years in prison for irregularities in a building to stop flooding in Venice

The former minister of Infrastructure and Transport of Government of Silvio Berlusconi, Pile Matteoli, has been sentenced to four years in prison and a fine of more than 9 billion euros by Court of Venice. Matteoli has been considered guilty of corruption during construction works of project 'Moses', a system of levees under sea to stop flooding in Venice.

Along with Matteoli were charged more than 30 people among businessmen, officials and politicians of all parties. All of m were accused of corruption, money laundering, and embezzlement of public funds. Four people have been convicted while most have been acquitted for lack of evidence or because crime had already prescribed. It is case of former mayor of city, Giorgio Orsoni of Democratic Party (PD), which will not go to jail. Orsoni, accused of illegal fundraising, had been arrested in June 2014 after nearly three years of investigations by financial police in italy.

The Court of Venice condemned, however, entrepreneurs Nicola Falconi, Corrado Crialese and Erasmo Cinque sentences of between two and four years in prison. Giancarlo Galan, former president of Veneto region and one of main accused of case, came to an agreement with Justice and he was released from jail month of January after serving nearly three years and to pay a fine of 2.5 million euros. According to sentence, damned diverted public funds over years for value of over 25 million euros.

The project 'Mose', Modules, Experimental Electromechanical, -'Moses', in Spanish - is a system of 78 dams on mobile submarines that aim to prevent floods that from time to time occur in Venice. A phenomenon known as 'high water', and that causes deterioration of streets and buildings of lagoon city. According to some studies, repeated floods have led to that city had sunk more than 20 centimeters in past 100 years. The project was approved in 2003 but work did not begin until four years later. The works, paid for with public money, have cost more than 5,500 million euros. Still have not completed.


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