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Cuba, Tillerson: "we Evaluate the closure of the embassy after the incidents of hearing diplomats"

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Cuba, Tillerson: "we Evaluate the closure of the embassy after the incidents of hearing diplomats"
TOO many and too strange 'accidents' that have involved at least 21 u.s. diplomats in Cuba and that now put at risk relations between Usa and Cuba. L'administration Trump is considering l'hyposis of close l' american embassy in ' island reopened in 2015 after a'interruption of half a century of diplomatic relations, because of a 'attack acoustic' y have been victim of some employees.Being reported to secretary of State in U.s., Rex Tillerson, who announced possibilityà to be taken measure, american diplomats would have complained of symptoms that range from loss or disorders of 'hearing and nausea and headache, probably due to mysterious attacks, sonic weapons, electromagnetic or spy equipment to be defective."È a very serious problem - said Tillerson - compared to damage that you are currently undergoing some members of diplomatic staff. Some are già been reported to house, ors were hospitalized.".• THE HYPOTHESIS IN FIELDAccording to officials in Washington, a unit of sound, probably, ultrasound has been used to damage health of staff of 'embassy, which has started to feel bad last year. According to union of category American foreign service association, who spoke with ten employees, have been diagnosed with mild brain trauma and a permanent loss d'hearing. Fridayì tv canadian said that at least five diplomats in canada and ir families have suffered an attack sound of same tenor in Cuba, without suffering any permanent damage.• NO INDICTMENTThe u.s. State department, forò, not has never accused anybody openly of having made attack, while calling m "unprecedented" and experiencing The'Havana which is responsible for safety of diplomats working in its territory. Cuba denies any involvement. 


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