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Cuban acoustic attack or Russian poison: sick US diplomats give R ä Riddle on

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Cuban acoustic attack or Russian poison: sick US diplomats give R ä Riddle on

It is perhaps one of strangest events in history of diplomacy. And it is still unclear what exactly happened. Wher something happened at all. The only thing is: 22 US diplomats who have done ir duty on Cuba are seriously ill today.

Some suffer from chronic dizziness, memory loss, nausea and in bad cases under partial or complete hearing loss. All actually symptoms of a concussion. It all started at end of last year. The last new case was added in January.

United States has 15 Cuban diploma ts The Government of US President Trump responds to a supposedly sonic attack on U.S. embassy in Cuban capital Havana. More...

None of those concerned can explain what happened. And no one else can have a reasonably plausible explanation for disease of diplomats. To make matters worse, Canadian diplomats are also affected. But Cuba has no problems with Canada.

The cases have now significantly exacerbated tensions between Cuba in United States. The US accuses Cuban government of not being willing and able to protect US diplomats from attack. The US has refore now called on Cuba to withdraw 15 named Cuban diplomats from embassy in Washington.

The question is, what is Cuba supposed to protect US diplomats from?

There are a number of ories about how those affected could be ill. Here are most important summarized:

Acoustic attacks have triggered symptoms

This is most common ory. and in principle possible. Ultrasonic frequencies of 20 Kilohertz and more can trigger symptoms described, ultrasonic expert Tim Leighton of University of Southampton confirmed British Guardian. Anyone who is exposed to such frequencies for long enough can lose his hearing. It is also not difficult to build such ultrasonic devices. The necessary parts are to be easily obtained on internet.

On or hand, however, device would have to be quite close to victim, it is a few centimeters. The sound hardly penetrates through walls or windows. And if target person is farr away, device must also become larger. The engineer Robin Cleveland of Oxford University estimates: at a distance of 50 meters, sound system would have to have dimensions of a medium-sized car.

Place of mysterious attacks? The US embassy at Malecón in Havana.

(Photo: Imago/Agencia Efe)

It is also unlikely that such a device could cause serious damage to brain: sound is already massively dampened by human skin. Some diplomats, however, suffer from partial memory loss. He was not able to bring about sound alone.

In order for ultrasound to penetrate body, it must not be a bit of air between sound source and body. This is why doctors apply a gel to body for ultrasound examinations. An unnoticed acoustic attack cannot be ruled out. According to standards of science, such a thing is hardly possible.

The diplomats were ill-made with electromagnetic weapons

Here too: in ory quite possible. Such waves can be focused precisely on one person. Even over longer distances. Microwaves can also penetrate walls. and electromagnetic impulses can affect hearing. The thing has only one catch: Such microwaves generate heat especially when y encounter a water-rich environment like human body. But none of diplomats complained about burns.

The diplomats were poisoned

Also possible. Almost all of symptoms described can also be caused by toxins, writes experts Jamie Wells and Alex Berezow in a post for newspaper USA Today. In ory, food of diplomats could have been poisoned. Which would explain that so many fell ill in a short time. However, in canteen embassy does not only eat diplomats. But also Cuban employees. None of m got sick.

The diplomats suffer from a psychological phenomenon

That would mean y're not really physically ill. But believe it so much that y even show medically diagnose symptoms. Such phenomena sometimes also appear in groups. A kind of mass panic. Because one shows such symptoms, everyone else will show it soon. However, it is hard to believe that a group of highly trained diplomats would give up such hysteria. And again, Canadian diplomats are also affected in Cuba.

Neverless, United States officially considered incidents to be an "attack". But what is unclear: if it was an attack, who was it from?

It is obvious, first of all, that Cuban government wanted to deliberately hurt us Americans. However, it reiterates that Canadians are also affected. In addition, Cuban government has offered all kinds of cooperation. Head of state Raúl Castro even admitted that FBI investigators are entering country to investigate cases. Anyone who knows American-Cuban history would not believe that such a thing could be possible.

It would also be possible, however, for members of Cuban security services to be alone, quasi concealed, to have made diplomats sick. Or, that Russians, respectively North Koreans behind. Perhaps, however, it was only an accident in which diplomats were unconsciously exposed to a chemical substance that caused symptoms. However, none of those concerned can remember such an incident.

The story remains a mystery. And it will not be enlightened so quickly.

Mysterious diseases: USA attract embassy staff from Cuba from several US diplomats in Cuba suffer hearing disorders, complaining about dizziness. The government in Washington suspects targeted attacks behind it. More...


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