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Cyber applause, posters and adoration: ' Uncle Xi ', the new emperor of China

The propaganda is unleashed around the president a week from his inauguration speech of the Party congress

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Cyber applause, posters and adoration: ' Uncle Xi ', the new emperor of China

Applaud President Xi Jinping to burst. or until phone bursts. This is goal of application that Tencent, giant of Chinese technology, has designed for citizens ' phones who want to show ir enthusiasm for most powerful man in China, and to which many know simply as Xi Dada (in Spanish) , Uncle Xi).

The operation is simple: The application shows some hands overlapping amphiater of Grand Palace of town from which Xi delivered last week his inauguration speech of party congress, which lasted three and a half hours. You can hear a 19-second cut of speech and press again and again on hands, which begin to clap. An accountant measures level of profusion of applause.

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According to website What´s on Weibo, which analyzes tendencies of Chinese Twitter, on first day of its launching citizens already played more than 400 million times with this application.

It is a more sample of flattery, or of sincere enthusiasm, which surrounds Xi. A man who, unlike his immediate predecessor, Hu Jintao — a distant man of scant charisma — has grown from outset an image of an affable man and of popular tastes. A man who, through his campaign against corruption and his defense of China's leading role in world, has gained great popularity among population.

"I am very glad that your thought was included in Constitution of party." After five years of success is a way to recognize his achievements, said Wednesday Li Wanjun, a delegate to Congress for province of Jilin and worker in a factory of high-speed trains. "Not only we, Chinese, support inclusion of ir thinking, but people of world who have been favored by help of China."

This popularity has been reinforced by public statements of allegiance to President and party, practically disappeared during Hu's tenure but increasingly frequent in Xi era. As president spoke his speech last week, Chinese social networks were filled with images of hospitals, prisons, or even nurseries where everyone — sick, inmates or children — continued to be absorbed by television presentation of Xi on " Thinking about socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new Era ".

All Chinese, national and provincial television stations n tuned in to Grand Palace of people. The only exception, Xiamen City television, on coast.

During se days, streets have been covered with posters and placards with image of Xi or slogans as to continue achieving successes of socialism ... with Comrade Xi Jinping as nucleus.

The Loas to Xi are especially visible in exhibition five years of achievements, installed in a huge complex built in years of Soviet friendship in western Beijing, and inaugurated as part of preparations for Congress.

Hall after room, exhibition reviews China's achievements in recent years — world's fastest high-speed train, largest telescope, a deep-water submarine — to make it clear that y are successes due to leadership of Xi. The Army remodeling room — including an RPG launcher launch area — includes no less than nine large-sized photographs of president, who has vowed to turn armed forces into an instrument capable of winning wars . In lobby, a huge bookshelf exhibits complete works of president.

The exhibition also makes clear a trend in propaganda over Xi. If in first years he tended to present a more human image of leader, now he puts emphasis on raising benefits that he has generated to nation and describe it as a man of state.

Instead, souvenir items — pendants, mugs — with image of Xi, alone or accompanied by his wife, classic singer Peng Yuan, have almost disappeared from street markets. Apparently, party did not welcome beginning to speak of a cult of personality similar to that of Mao, and Quincallas disappeared as quickly as y had arrived.

Disproportionate praise, however, is still far from Mao's time and Cultural revolution. Those times when Mao gave away a box of mangos to a factory and Mango became an object of worship, to preserve in formaldehyde, reproduce in wax or plastic and even venerate in altars.


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