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Danley: Paddock was caring

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Danley: Paddock was caring

Las Vegas – now speaks life Companion of killer of Las Vegas.

Marilou Danley (62) Now said that she had no idea that Stephen Paddock († 64) planned a massacre of 58 deaths. And that he was supposed to have sent m on a trip to ir family in Philippines.

Danley had returned from Souast Asia on Wednesday morning (CEST) and was still awaited by FBI at Los Angeles Airport. Danley also said that she was just looking forward to referred to buy a house re for family, around 100 000 dollars. Later, y were worried that he would also end up with her. Danley in a statement by her attorney Matw Lombard in front of FBI district in Los Angeles, "I would never have thought he was planning violence towards any man." Danley continued in statement: "He said nothing and did not do anything that would have made me aware of it or warned that something so horrible could happen."

Marilou Danley apparently knew nothing of attack plans of her life mate Stephen PaddockFoto:/AP Photo/DPA

Danley was interviewed by FBI for several hours. She described Stephen Paddock, whom she knew as a "gracious, caring, quiet man. I loved him. "

The investigators are still tapping into obscurity, as far as perpetrator's motive is concerned. Because quiet paddock had a deadly plan.

And he prepared it meticulously. Before paddock on Sunday from his hotel room in Las Vegas 58 people shot and 520 injured, he ensured that nothing could get in his way. Not even his own girlfriend!

To get rid of Marilou Danley (62), Paddock surprised her with a trip. So at least y reported ir two sister on Australian TV: "Stephen said to her, ' Marilou, I've booked you a ticket. '"

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    Still, motive is why Stephen Paddock has done a bloodbath in Las Vegas. It is clear that he has planned massacre precisely.

In mid-September, Danley flew towards Philippines, apparently without even slightest inkling. "She knew of nothing," said one of two sisters who were made unrecognizable on television. "He sent her away so that she could not disturb his plans."

Las Vegas After assassination of this hotel room, attacker shot source: Image 0:40 min.


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