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Defeat in the supreme forces Lula's party to rethink its candidacy

With the imminent entry into prison of the former Brazilian president, the PT must decide whether to appoint another candidate for the October Presidentials

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Defeat in the supreme forces Lula's party to rethink its candidacy

The leaders of Workers ' Party (PT) moved on Thursday morning to São Paulo to participate in a meeting of Directorate to discuss Supreme Court's decision, which on Wednesday rejected writ of habeas corpus, with which Lula pretended Evade his incarceration, claiming that he should remain free until he exhausted all possible remedies against sentencing. By six votes to five, court ended party's dream and his followers seeing Lula free and closer to ballot box. With its imminent entry into prison, an unusual panorama for PT is presented.

At moment, Petistas are assimilating weight of defeat in supreme, which oretically will move pieces on party's electoral board. According to polls, which show that former president would be in first place against any adversary, PT claims that Lula remains his candidate and discards any possible plan B in event that his major leader could not be presented. "Lula is still our candidate, because he is innocent. He will be a candidate, not because only because he wants PT, but also a great part of population, "said party president, Gleisi Hoffmann. The last survey, conducted by Datafolha Institute in January, showed that Lula had a 36% voting intention.

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Only Lula could make decision not to introduce himself. If it was for PT, everything would still be same, even if I go to prison. They are able to present necessary resources to be able to register former president as candidate in Superior Electoral Tribunal – even appealing to supreme – and to dribble law of Clean card, which prohibits candidates with judicial problems Present to elections. According to Hoffmann, Lula's defense is analyzing steps that can be taken following decision of supreme. In a statement, Christian lawyers and Valeska Zanin Martins have stated that y will take legal steps to prevent " execution of sentence automatically imposed by Federal Court of fourth region, because it is incompatible with Federal Constitution and with illegal nature of decision that has condemned Lula for a crime of corruption based on "indeterminate acts", and have pointed out that y have " firm expectation that a fair, impartial and independent body will reverse that sentence."

For his part, president of PT has emphasized that "it is violating constitutional right and presumption of innocence". And referring to arrest, Gleisi Hoffmann added: "If any violent act against president is produced, it will be a political prison." Judge Sérgio Moro issued prison order on Thursday afternoon. Previously, Federal Court of fourth region had issued a decision to deny appeal filed by Lula's defense on 27 March requesting that Tribunal explain certain aspects of judicial decision taken in relation to Crime of passive corruption and money laundering in ' case of triplex '. Theoretically, since that time former president could already be detained. But a resource allowed sentence to be fulfilled only after supreme reviewed habeas corpus request, which occurred last Wednesday, April 4.

In backstage, among political journalists, news goes that Lula would finally be determined to give up his candidacy and leave path to anor name. They are not cease to be speculations that can be clarified in coming days.

During trial in supreme, Lula was at headquarters of Metalworkers ' Union in São Bernardo do Campo, along with leaders of PT as former president Dilma Rousseff, exmayor of São Paulo, Fernando Haddad, and candidate for Governor of São Paulo , Luiz Marinho. After decision of supreme, he chose to remain silent. At moment, only thing that is certain is that caravans that PT carried out from last year throughout Brazil have been suspended. Anor possibility is that former president will voluntarily surrender, to prevent Federal police from stopping him and taking him to prison. A dramatic ending for leader who arouses passions, for better or for worse, in Brazil and abroad.


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