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Demand Flash from Barzani! We want to discuss...

Ikby Management has announced that he wants to discuss issues related to airports and borders with Baghdad. Iraqi Kurdish Regional management (Ikby), illegitimate...

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Demand Flash from Barzani! We want to discuss...
Demand Flash from Barzani! We want to discuss... Date of entry: 12.10.2017 10:18 update Date: 12.10.2017 10:23 ikby Management hear about airports and borders that you want to meet with Baghdad Would.

The Iraqi Kurdish Regional administration (IKBY) reiterated that y are ready to enter a serious dialogue to cancel sanctions decisions taken by Iraqi central government because of regulation of illegitimate referendum.

In a statement on Ikby Prime Ministry website, Iraqi Prime Minister Heydar al-Ibadi made a call to dialogue for termination of collective sanctions imposed by central government shortly before.

In statement, Ikby government was open to negotiations with Baghdad to address issues of land borders, submission of public service, domestic market, bank and airports, in framework of Constitution.

A possible conflict between army and or armed groups and peshmerga forces in Kirkuk and or disputed regions, Prime Minister Ibadi will be responsible for statement, in some speeches of Ibadi, passage of Army forces He threatened to prevent him from interfering.

Iraqi Prime Minister Ibadi had a requirement that results of constitutional referendum were cancelled on September 25th for dialogue and negotiations to take place in Erbil.

The Iraqi Parliament adopted several sanctions, especially in suspension of international flights in Erbil and Suleymaniye airports due to regulation of referendum on September 27th.


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