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Democrats denounce Wikileaks for conspiring against Clinton

The core of the lawsuit, in which they include the Kremlin and Trump's team, is the assault on party computers

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Democrats denounce Wikileaks for conspiring against Clinton

The Democratic Party has gone faster than special prosecutor of Russian plot. In a political high-voltage decision, he has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Kremlin, Donald Trump's and Wikileaks ' campaign team for conspiring to interfere with 2016 election campaign in favor of Republican nominee. The maneuver, which brings to mind complaint launched by same training in 1972 against Richard Nixon, increases pressure at a time when Trump is increasingly harassed on legal front.

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The core of civil demand, advanced by Washington Post, is well known. On July 27, 2015 and on April 18, 2016 computers of Democratic National Committee were assaulted by hackers and, according to CIA and NSA, looted data were made public in full campaign through Wikileaks, a hacker known as Guccifer 2.0 and Web DCLeaks. The US intelligence service considers that it was a Kremlin-led operation, whose main objective was to avoid Hillary Clinton's triumph.

"Vladimir Putin ordered a campaign in 2016 against US presidential election. The goal was to undermine public faith in democratic process, denigrate secretary Clinton and damage her eligibility and potential presidency. Putin and Russian government developed a clear preference for Trump, " intelligence agencies said in a joint report.

On this basis Democrats add data that have been known in course of subsequent investigations. Among m that, four days after last assault on Democratic computers, George Papadopoulos, Trump's campaign advisor, was informed in London by a supposed Russian intelligence agent ( linguist Josef Mifsud) that Russians had in ir power thousands of toxic mails about Clinton. Papadopoulos also attempted to close an interview between Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Anor character in Russian plot included in complaint is Emin Agarolov. A sinuous expression of Putin's orbit that took part in 2013 in organization of Miss Universe contest that Trump celebrated in Moscow, and that during election campaign led to appointment, allegedly remotely directed by Kremlin, between Donald Trump's eldest son and A Russian lawyer who promised to deliver "incriminating information" about Clinton.

Toger with se names, Democrats denounce flat major of advisers of Trump, Russian government itself, whose imputation is legally complex, and with Wikileaks. The president, since he cannot be judged by ordinary way, is not included. "Russia launched during 2016 campaign a total assault on our democracy and found an active partner in Trump's campaign team. This constitutes an unprecedented act of treason: The campaign of a U.S. presidential candidate joined a hostile foreign power to improve ir chances of victory, "said a statement by President of Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez.

The passage comes at a time when special prosecutor of Russian plot, Robert Mueller, after almost a year of research studies to ask for statement of president. A transcendental decision that has led Trump to recompose his legal team and has coincided with opening of anor stormy front for White House: FBI registration of office of his personal lawyer Michael Cohen, man who treated and He agreed in dark with his supposed lovers. The possibility that Cohen's papers and recordings are radioactive material on president has ignited all alarms in Oval Office.


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