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Denounce Fear and the dome of the party "leading a criminal organization"

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Denounce Fear and the dome of the party "leading a criminal organization"

Are reported for crimes of illicit association and obstruction of Justice

The brazilian president was already reported previously for passive corruption, but is saved thanks to support of deputies

The president Michel Fear is " leader of a criminal organization," which in recent years has raised at least 587 million reais (€157 million) in form of bribes. So create attorney General's office of Republic of Brazil, who on Thursday denounced brazilian president and a good part of dome of his party for a crime of illicit association. Fear was reported by twice since he is also accused of maneuvering to obstruct investigations.

Along with Fear of Prosecutor's office also charged two of his ministers, two former ministers and two former deputies of formation to which it belongs, Democratic Movement Party of Brazil (PMDB). All of m would have taken advantage of machinery of public to enrich mselves: from institutions such as ministry of National Integration until Chamber of Deputies, through state-owned companies such as Petrobras, Furnas, or Caixa econômica Federal.

"Michel Fear is being accused of having acted as a leader of criminal organization since may of 2016," says complaint, which clarifies that in political core of this plot corrupt also had politicians of or parties, including Progressive Party (PP) or Workers ' Party (PT) of former presidents Dilma Rousseff and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

however, report stresses that coming to power in may last year after 'impeachment' of Rousseff Fear became owner and lord of organization: "With reformulation of political core of criminal organization members of 'GBO' Camera, especially Michel Fear, y went on to occupy a role that before had members of PT," said prosecutor.

The indictment filed by Prosecutor's office is not a mere denunciation against Fear, and his colleagues of party, but underlines details of promiscuous relationship that party of Lula and Rousseff established with PMDB of Fear (which is largest party of Brazil) to be able to govern. According to complaint, source of current metastasis of corruption that plagues political class goes back at least to year 2006, when party of Fear entered into allied base of Lula's Government to change many of ir men will go on to occupy positions of power in several state-owned companies.

The margin for having woven a sophisticated network of corruption, Fear has also been denounced for a crime of obstruction of Justice, because it would have pushed for handouts bribes to Lucio Funaro, a moneychanger key in Operation Lava Jato was about to come to an agreement with Prosecutor's office to provide information. With fear of what that would reveal Fear he wanted to buy his silence, but failed. Funaro confessed to investigators hundreds of details that helped researchers to present this complaint against president.

If complaint goes forward Fearing to lose office of president and will be judged by Supreme Court, but for that to happen you need green light of Chamber of Deputies. The past month of August deputies already filed a first complaint against Fear, who had been accused of a crime of passive corruption for receiving bribes from group JBS. On this occasion it is expected that deputies take Fear out of trouble again.

President unpopular

The second allegation against Fear is long-awaited, and causes little surprise. The majority of brazilians, accustomed to breakfast every day with nth operation of police corruption, left a long time ago to protest on street, although statistics are overwhelming: 5% does not approve management of president (in your worst time of her predecessor, Dilma Rousseff, had double popularity). 81% believe that president should have already been investigated for first allegation, according to data from Ibope, institute's official opinion polls.

Fear made it clear in beginning that he thought of resigning, and from past month of may (when it was denounced for first time) makes balances to keep mselves in power and at same time to take forward its agenda of reform as neo-liberal. Some of ir proposals star, such as reform of pension system, are stuck in National Congress, but Fear pulls chest with 'green shoots' pointing to a nascent economic recovery. The GDP grew 1% in first quarter of year and 0.2% in second, after two consecutive years of recession. Unemployment fell slightly and stood at 12.8%.

When he was denounced for first time Fear and his followers argued that open a Government crisis would be a blow to stability that country needs to exit once and for all from crisis. The majority of meps from or parties have bought argument and filed first complaint in name of stability, as y said in ir speeches in public. In reality, decision also weighed promises of Government positions, laws as interests of mps's most influential and remittances of money.


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