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Departure from UNESCO: Trump is a hit on multilateralism

Editorial. Announcing, on 12 October, that they leave the organization, the United States and their President reaffirm their intention to turn their backs on the search for collective solutions.

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Departure from UNESCO: Trump is a hit on multilateralism
Editorial of "World". In less than a year, United States has already withdrawn from Paris agreement on climate, y are preparing to undermine Vienna agreement on Iranian nuclear and, followed by Israel, y announced on Thursday 12 October that y would leave UNESCO at end of 2018. Each time it is UN system that is weakened and multilateralism that is shaken at a time when it should be strengned.

Donald Trump is loyal to his campaign promises. He mocks outline of "international community" represented by United Nations, only organization to have a way of international legitimacy as a result of its universality. Trump only believes in power relations between some of world's greats – rest is indifferent to him.

It will be said that withdrawals mentioned above are not of same importance. Global warming and fight against nuclear proliferation are a matter of almost existential urgency. But, in spite of all its many shortcomings, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – which must have a new branch in coming days – has more than ever a role to play in a world plagued by Political-religious extremism, conspiracy and, often, a questioning of science.

A formal departure end 2018

Washington denounces financial mismanagement of UNESCO, a lack of structural reform of Organization and its "bias" against Israelis. This was, roughly speaking, what had justified a first American withdrawal decision taken in 1984, before a return to 2003, n a brief suspension of U.S. financial contribution in 2011. The United States intends to leave formally at end of December 2018 and to retain only one observer position at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. Their financial participation in Organisation's budget – 20% of obligatory contributions of 195 Member States – is going to be sorely missed.

The United States and Israel are not necessarily wrong on one point. Two recent Unesco resolutions – one on Jerusalem, or on Hebron, in occupied West Bank – taken in name of legitimate defence of Palestinian interests, were to deny any connection between Judaism and se cities. Which is historically untrue, religiously absurd and politically stupid. The second Temple in Jerusalem and tombs of Patriarchs in Hebron are fundamental places for Jews, which does not remove anything from what y can also represent for Muslims.

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The Israeli occupation, both in East Jerusalem and in West Bank, must be denounced, and places mentioned in se resolutions are part of national narrative, not of one but of two peoples. Accepting Palestinian Authority as a full-fledged member of UNESCO, as was done in 2011, was an understandable decision. To impose a single national narrative on this disputed land is very negation of search for peace.

Remains symbol of an America that rejects laborious and ungrateful path of multilateralism. This is to seek toger solutions to pathologies of planet – in difficult respect of sovereignty of each or, of great and small. Mr. Trump's way is tantamount to destroying very system that United States set up in aftermath of World War II.


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