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Dies an 18-year-old stabbed in the festival of San Agustín de Guadalix

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Dies an 18-year-old stabbed in the festival of San Agustín de Guadalix

The Guardia Civil could have identified suspects

The witnesses indicate that those involved in brawl are dominicans

youth violence is charged anor victim in region. Miguel C. C., 18, was stabbed to death in early hours of Saturday at festival of San Agustín de Guadalix. In course of a brawl in plaza of municipality during celebration of feast of disk-mobile boy received a gash in abdomen. Died on way to hospital of San Sebastian of Kings.

The alleged perpetrators of assault are several young dominicans with whom deceased had had some previous engagement. The agents of Murders of Civil Guard are investigating case, and you could already have identified perpetrators of crime. In fact, several people were witnesses of brawl and were able to put a name to those involved in same.

The judge in charge of investigation has already ordered secrecy of proceedings and of city Council of San Agustín de Guadalix suspended today immediately first acts scheduled for morning of Saturday 16 September.

The incident occurred about 04.30 hours when many people danced in square where he celebrated end of a session of disco animated by a dj.

causes investigating victim started to have a brawl with anor group of people, among whom were two guys dominicans. With one of m, Miguel had already had problems, according to relatives. Anor noted that institute of municipality had already been faced on several occasions and that y had already had a meribah in previous feasts of San Sebastián de los Reyes on stage of nightclub.

In fight Miguel received at least two stab wounds, one of m on side, which affected him to area of heart. The first in attending to victim were members of a patrol of Guardia Civil, who found that he was in cardiac arrest and began performing resuscitation until doctors arrived of Summa, which continued with exercises of resuscitation. The doctors were able to reverse cardiac arrest and to undertake trip to hospital Infanta Sofía San Sebastián de los Reyes, according to sources from 112.

During ride, wounded returned to stay without a pulse but toilets were able to resuscitate him. however, heart of Michael is finally stopped about nine in morning.

The corpse of Miguel has been moved today by afternoon Institute of Forensic Anatomy, where she will perform on Sunday autopsy.

today mayor of town, Juan Figueroa, PP, convened an extraordinary meeting of security with Guardia Civil, Local Police and Municipal Corporation to analyze situation and assess facts.

At meeting, presided over by mayor, accompanied by first deputy mayor, Roberto Round; by minister of Security, Cristina Aparicio, and rest of representatives of parties that form Corporation, it was agreed to suspend musical acts and concerts scheduled for whole day of yesterday in a sign of mourning. has Also been convened for Sunday 17 September at 12.45 hours to all neighbors in plaza of Constitution to support family and condemn this crime.


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