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Don't contradict the Iraqi government for the ' Kirkuk operation ' claim!

The Iraqi government denies allegations that they are preparing for operation in the province of Kirkuk. Government spokesman Saad Hadith, Iraqi Kurdish regional...

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Don't contradict the Iraqi government for the ' Kirkuk operation ' claim!
Do not deny Iraqi government "operation to Kirkuk" claim! AA World News Introduction Date: 11.10.2017 23:46 date of renovation: 11.10.2017 23:58 The Iraqi government denied allegations that "y are preparing for operation in province of Kirkuk".

"There is no concrete step or plan on land in this direction," said government spokesman Saad Hadith, lying in Iraqi Kurdish Regional administration (IKBY) Security Agency's alleged "military attack on Kirkuk".

Noting that Iraqi forces received 40 percent of territory of Kirkuk from terrorist organization Deaş, Hadisi said, "The safety of sleeping cells to not be activated, ensuring security and return of asylum seekers to central administration will be provided by connected forces ".

He also stressed that after operations against Dea'a in Mosul, security is provided by Central Administration forces, and that se forces will continue to remain here.

"Ikby acted irresponsible"

"Ikby was irresponsible in realizing illegitimate referendum," Hadisi said, "They dragged Iraq and ikby into a stalemate with this referendum. Nowadays, we are faced with an attempt to climb events in a manner that has not been seen before, by Ikby. This creates fear, panic and hatred among components in Iraq. "

Hadisi continued his words as follows:

"Or groups, such as Kurds in Ikby, are also tasked with ensuring that our citizens and ir security stability. Iraq Central Administration has authority and mandate to provide security in places called disputed regions, particularly in Kirkuk. The Government will provide security and authority in se areas, and maximum effort to ensure that no group can be harmed by security and property of goods. "

"We are receiving messages that Iraqi forces, vermin and federal police forces will be attacked in south and west of Kirkuk, from north of Mosul," Ikby Security Agency's Twitter account said in a written statement.

"Any possible attack would be responsible for Iraqi Prime Minister Heydar al-Ibadi," President of Ikby chairman Mesut Barzani's chief adviser, Hiemin Havrami, said in a statement from his official Twitter account.


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