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Donald Trump muzzles Gun debate

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Donald Trump muzzles Gun debate

Trump, always inclined to give his opinion, has kept a pious silence before 59 dead

Approximately 33,000 Americans die each year by action of firearms

Donald Trump Studies breaking nuclear deal with Iran

You look at it, it's a democracy flaw. 84% of people with firearms in United States are in favour of prohibiting sale of arms to persons with mental health problems or criminal records; 67% supports demands on sellers of weapons who consciously sell machine guns, pistols or shotguns to suspicious persons; 50% supports a law prohibiting access of minors to firearms; and 78%, that acquisition of weapons by persons with restraining orders for domestic violence is declared illegal.

It's data from Center for Weapons Research at Johns Hopkins University. And some data that collide with fact that US regulatory system advances from 1986 almost unstoppable form towards a more daily liberalization offirearms. When Donald Trump, on Wednesday he visited wounded of Sunday massacre in Las Vegas and a journalist asked about gun control, replied, "We're not going to talk about it today."

A president so inclined to give his opinion, on Twitter, in person, or through his spokespersons, about everything, and yesterday asked Congress to investigate country's media, has kept a pious silence before 59 dead , a figure that is actually tiny when compared to approximately 33,000 Americans who die each year by shooting, two-thirds of m for suicide. There is no doubt that, if butcher's author, Stephen Paddock, had been Muslim--as said Russian state web Sputnik, and right-wing pages like Gateway Pundit and Blogspot, and as highlighted in its news services Facebook and Google- reaction It would have been very different.

Semi-automatic weapons for sale at an armory in Las Vegas. ROBYN BECKAFP

For now, only real reaction is a proposal from House Republicans to prevent modification of firearms like that carried out Paddock, to be able to move from firing a bullet to several dozens per second. Changing a semi-automatic rifle in a machine gun counts less than 40 euros, and was authorized, precisely, with Barack Obama being president. in an almost unprecedented measure, National Rifle Association (NRA) has supported idea. The White House has also shown its support for decision which, however, still faces a considerable obstacle in Senate, where it should be approved by 60 of 100 senators, which is unclear.

That measure, however, is minimal. The indifference of public authorities to regulation of firearms is evident in fact that, for 21 years, Congress has not given a dollar to public agencies to investigate se weapons as a relevant factor for health public ICA. Perhaps that is because in 1996, last year in which studies were carried out, it turned out that in a house where re is a gun has a four times more chance of a death to shoot, and six suicide , that in one that does not have it. Weapons, refore, do not save lives. Something logical, if you take into account that y are made to kill.

Not even being suspected of terrorism hinders Americans ' right to carry an AR-15, similar to soldiers ' statutory weapons in Afghanistan. in 2015, people on FBI's list of terrorism suspects tried to buy firearms in armories on 244 occasions; in 223 (91%) y succeeded. It should be taken into account that this list is incomplete, because it does not include direct purchases from one owner to anor, or in gun fairs. in none of se cases does law require any document.

Weapons of war at price of balance

Today it is two years of day in which author of se lines could have bought a rifle for 75 dollars (63.75 euros) at arms Fair of exhibition center of Dulles, in Virginia, where is main airport of city of Washington , without anyone asking for a single piece of paper. And why would y? The law in Virginia allows all over 12 years of age to be made with a weapon. in United States it is infinitely harder to open an account at bank, or buy a phone, than to acquire a machine gun.

This is how you get into routine situations, such as institutes entering what is called ' lockdowns ' (' closing ', or ' blocking ') in which students cannot leave classrooms and must take refuge in cabinets because teachers find guns in Lockers. That's not something unique about troubled neighborhoods, but it happens everywhere. The periphery of Washington, with its concentration of military, spies, and employees of defense companies has more guns than Karachi, a city of 10 million people in Pakistan famous for its religious violence.

Which leads to question of failure of democracy. Why is US political system not suing its citizens, and controlling possession and sale of firearms?

The answer is simple: by institutional structure of that political power. The political weight of rural areas in US is much greater than that of urban areas. A California senator represents 19.6 million people; One from Wyoming or Vermont, to 290,000 and 310,000, respectively. Wyoming and Vermont are rural states, in which re is devotion to arms. At end of day, Bernie Sanders, leader of Democratic Left and senator for Vermont, defends right to automatic weapons. America's political system plays in favor of weapons. The 33,000 dead that y cause each year are relegated to silence.

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