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Donald Trump sends to the 'dreamers' of the american dream to the political limbo

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Donald Trump sends to the 'dreamers' of the american dream to the political limbo

Trump off american dream of 'dreamers'

Trump denies he has agreed with democratic leadership to protect 'dreamers'

The american dream to political limbo. That is situation of 788.000 people in US after last few dribbles ideological and rhetorical Donald Trump. It is 'dreamers', a word that is actually an acronym of a law, which Congress of that country has already been under discussion for 16 years, but that also means "dreamer". A dream that started without that to seek ir permission, when ir parents entered country illegally bringing m, that y were minors and, in most cases, children.

In ory, 'dreamers' must leave. Their legal status is temporary, with work and residence permits renewable for two years from 2014. Last week president Trump decided that within six months, such authorisations will be renewed, and 'dreamers' will become 'illegal'. The only hope of salvation of se people is that Congress do in 6 months what it has not done in 16 years, and rectify situation with a law.

But Thursday, just 9 days after deciding end of 'dreamers', Trump dined with democratic leaders in Congress - and nemesis of conservative republicans among those who, oretically, are main supports of president - and y agreed on se 788.000 people will receive american nationality. How to change what? According to Pelosi and Schumer, a reinforcement of security in borders of united states, but not of world famous, and controversial, wall with Mexico.

it Was a betrayal manifested Trump to ir bases. After 17 months of campaigning against immigrants, and have cast a huge amount of political capital to impose a veto on entry of people of a number of muslim countries, president was stepping down, all of a sudden, main axis of its policy. It was also a slap in face to his own republican party, to reach an agreement with opposition. Above, second agreement in two weeks, after having agreed with democrats more spending and more public debt.

So that just three hours after two leading democrats made announcement, and at midnight in Washington, White House refuted agreement. And yesterday morning, nothing more to get up, Trump grabbed mobile phone and tuiteaba: "re has been No agreement. There must be an agreement of border security".

In Florida, where he traveled yesterday to examine reconstruction of state after hurricane Irma, Trump changed his position once more. Now agree that 'dreamers' to remain in united States, but not that y may become citizens, probably because vast majority of m are going to vote democrat. And has come back to link any decision on collective construction of wall.

Well, Trump has lost some, and to ors. Including his base more loyal, and, also, to leaders of his own party. Immigration, which has been centerpiece of policy Trump to date, it has become, now, in anor area where president of united states has shown that it is able to change ir minds several times in twelve hours.


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