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Donald Trump signs a decree to bypass the Obamacare

This new decree will allow insurers to offer blankets that do not support paediatric, obstetric or psychiatric care.

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Donald Trump signs a decree to bypass the Obamacare
U.S. President Donald Trump signed a decree on Thursday 12 October to circumvent certain obligations imposed by Obamacare, reform of health protection system that he was unable to cancel by Congress.

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Central me of its electoral campaign, repeal of law adopted in 2010 to provide health coverage to Americans who were deprived of it for financial reasons became an obsession with new host of White House.

Despite repeated efforts, Trump administration did not manage to bring a majority to Senate to vote for repeal repelled at a later date. To circumvent this legislative block, Donald Trump has decided to go through regulatory route. "The cost of Obamacare is insulting, it absolutely destroys everything in its path," commented president at a signing ceremony at White House.

Discount Blankets

The order requires Secretary of Labour to propose measures to assist small businesses to associate, including if y reside in different states, to acquire low-end insurance policies that would be exempt from certain obligations provided by Obamacare.

One of se obligations stipulates that any health insurance policy must contain ten essential benefits, including childbirth and paediatric care, pharmaceutical prescription, mental health care and dependency. With Trump decree, insurers will be able to offer blankets that do not support se medical risks.

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The decree also provides for administration of health, Labour and Treasury to remove anor limitation provided by Obamacare. The current law sets a maximum period of three months for less expensive, but less favorable, short-term insurance policies for insured.

Risk of challenge to justice

Donald Trump "uses a demolition ball to destroy our entire health system," commented leader of Democratic minority in Senate, Chuck Schumer. "Having failed to repeal law by Congress, President sabotages system," he added.

The new decree of Donald Trump is likely to be challenged before justice by Democratic prosecutors general in various states of Union.

According to Politico information site that quotes two sources, Donald Trump plans to cut off financings of insurers who would continue to offer Obamacare hedges.

Without se funds, valued at $7 billion, se insurers could be forced to stop proposing "Obamacare" covers.

The White House subsequently upheld information and justified this decision by explaining that law prohibited it from pursuing se funds.


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