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Donald Trump threatened to see that story: I'll cancel

US President Donald Trump, who reported that he wants to increase the nuclear weapons tenfold, revoked his licenses to NBC television and other television channels...

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Donald Trump threatened to see that story: I'll cancel
Donald Trump threatened to see that story: I'll cancel date of entry: 12.10.2017 11:08 update Date: 12.10.2017 11:31 US President Donald Trump has threatened to revoke ir licences to NBC television and or television channels, who reported that y wanted to increase ir nuclear weapons tenfold.

Trump, who targeted NBC to make himself a star with The Apprentice contest, described channel's news as "fake news" and "Pure Imagination". NBC had angered White House administration last week, when he reported that Dental Minister Tillerson called Trump moron.

Trump, on Twitter, "is re a fake news from NBC and or channels, which is appropriate stage for discussing ir licenses? Bad for country! "he said. Trump n rejected NBC's report before meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

TRUMP: What press wants to write is a disgusting matter

"The fact that press is able to write what he wants is disgusting, and this issue should be addressed," BBC said in Turkish. When US president asked wher country wants to increase its nuclear weapons, it has been addressed that only holding se weapons in "perfect condition".

Trump "But now y say I want 10 times what we have, believe me, this is completely unnecessary. I want modernization and maintenance. I want m to be in best shape, "he said.

The defendant, Jim Mattis, rejected NBC's news.

Freedom of speech response to TRUMP

President Trump's Twitter message received a great response to emphasis on freedom of expression. The Committee for Protection of journalists said US president's remarks are a bad example for or world leaders.

According to NBC's report, Trump asked United States nuclear missiles to be increased, last July at a meeting at Department of Defense at Pentagon.

Trump's request was expressed after seeing a graphic that exhibits a decrease in U.S. nuclear weapons since 1960s. He stressed that NBC, chief of Staff and Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson, who was based on some officials at meeting, was surprised at this request. The news quoted Trump's additional U.S. military and military material.

' US 7100, Russia's 7300 nuclear weapons are found '

According to US Arms Control Association, United States has 7100, and Russia has 7300 nuclear weapons. Media commentators say it's hard for publishers to revoke ir licenses even if y wanted Trump. The Federal Communications Commission, which oversees US publishers, is licensed to local televisions, not on television broadcasting across country.

NBC has about 30 local TVs. Experts say it is also difficult to revoke a TV's license on grounds that ir publications are not fair.


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