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Donald Trump turns to tighten the rope with the Uk by speculating on the terrorist attack in London

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Donald Trump turns to tighten the rope with the Uk by speculating on the terrorist attack in London

A bombing on London Underground with a "bucket pump" cause at least 22 wounded

Donald Trump sends 'dreamers' of american dream to political limbo

The White House has had to set a 'damage control' after torrent online of Donald Trump has put in a state of stress special relationship between united states and Great Britain, that has been one of pillars of world politics since Second World War.

Have been seven hours intense. It all started at 6, and 42 minutes for morning of Washington when Trump has typed on his Twitter account: "Anor attack in London of a terrorist failed. It is people sick and crazy that was view of Scotland Yard. You have to be proactive!" Six minutes later I came back to charge: "The terrorists have failed should be treated in a manner much more tough. The Internet is ir main recruitment tool, which [sic] we must cut and best use".

Anor attack in London by a loser terrorist.These are sick and demented people who were in sights of Scotland Yard. Must be proactive!

? Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 15, 2017

So, Trump is not offered, as it is of rigor, sympathy or solidarity and, above, began to give lessons to british police. It is something that did not sit well in London. So, five hours later, president of united states has called on Theresa May to "express ir sympathy and ir prayers for wounded" and, also, to "express ir commitment to collaboration with United Kingdom" in fight against terrorism. And a and half of afternoon, National Security advisor, H. A. MacMaster, has repeated that message at White House.

it Was an attempt to contain damage caused by message of president of USA, to which Government of Theresa May has done everything possible to get close since he came to White House, with results more dismal.

The british prime minister has reacted in a televised interview in which he said "I've never thought that it will be useful to anyone to speculate about an ongoing investigation". A spokesman for Scotland Yard has been more direct: "comments do not help, and are pure speculation. If anyone has any evidence or information, please contact telephone line against terrorism".

The umpteenth controversy of Trump

it is Not first clash with Great Britain, nor with or major U.S. allies, due to handling of sensitive information on part of Washington since Trump came to White House.

In may, Great Britain, in an exceptional measure, stopped sharing information with US about attack of Manchester Arena-which killed 23 young people who were going to a concert of pop singer Ariana Grande - after american press published data from espionage of that country about identity of suicide bomber, Salma Abedi.

Just two weeks earlier, Trump had revealed to Foreign minister, Russian, Sergei Lavrov, that a spy who worked for Israel in syrian city of Raqqa was one who had been informed of a plan of terrorist group to fly airliners with bombs in laptops. According to spies of US, information you gave about it was enough for life of spy would be at an extreme danger.


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