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Duterte announces the withdrawal of the Philippines from the International Criminal Court

The exit takes place one month after the tribunal initiated an investigation into the anti-drug campaign in the Asian country that has already caused more than 7,000 deaths

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Duterte announces the withdrawal of the Philippines from the International Criminal Court

The President of Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, announced on Wednesday withdrawal of his country from International Criminal Court (ICC) for attempts of this tribunal to investigate its controversial war on drugs, which has already caused more than 7,000 deaths.

"I declare and immediately give notice, as President of Republic of Philippines, that Philippines immediately removes its ratification of Rome Statute [ founding Charter of ICC]," said Duterte in a paper released to press in Manila, Capital of country, to break its connection with ICC. In this paper, Philippine head of State accused court of trying to impose its jurisdiction on him in a supposed violation of presumption of innocence, more than a month after ICC initiated a preliminary analysis to investigate drug campaign. The Philippine government has since argued that agency would violate its national sovereignty if it prosecutes drug war, as jurisdiction of this matter belongs to local courts. In fact, re is already an open process in m.

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Similarly, controversial president pointed out to UN officials as perpetrators of "groundless, unprecedented and outrageous attacks" against his person and his administration, document says. The Government intends to forward dossier imminently to The Hague, headquarters of ICC, a tribunal with 123 members, in which important powers such as USA, China and Russia are shining due to ir absence.

In April last year, ICC received demand from a Filipino individual, who demanded that Duterte be tried for mass murders during 22 years (1988-1998, 2001-2010 and 2013-2016) who was mayor of Davao, on sourn island of Mindanao, and also as head of state since Jun About 2016 with his drug campaign.

The Duterte drug war has caused some 4,000 deaths of suspects in police raids, although it is estimated that total number of victims exceeds 7,000 by counting deaths perpetrated by civilians.


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