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Earthquake in Mexico: "There has been no authority to us, we have been abandoned"

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Earthquake in Mexico: "There has been no authority to us, we have been abandoned"

In Juchitán, town most damaged by quake, neighbors reported neglect of authorities and raids on houses

At least 90 dead after largest earthquake recorded in Mexico

Shortages and isolation, fronts of earthquake of Mexico

"I Noticed movement, and I woke up. I looked my sister in house and found my nephew with his daughter, a cripple. They went out to courtyard. My sister, 78 years old, gave me his hand. Suddenly I heard a noise. I don't know if I let her go I or you dropped it. Little hand, little hand, I cried out. I got sand in eyes and it was all dark. I don't know what hit me all over body. When I regained knowledge I listened to my son and daughter-in-law calling me. Here I am, here I am, I scream. And my sister was in front, underneath some rubble. Died. is what God is tightening or is choking?," says between squeals of crying lady Of Cross, of 75 years. Teaches shamelessly to his chest and legs covered with bruises. And crying, crying without cease.

She, along with her family and or neighbors, sleeping on floor of courtyard of his house. Were able to recover some things that have piled up in bags. Your house is a huge mess of debris. An indelible memory of blood of his sister who died. The watch re, with a cross and some flowers. At some points smell is foul.

His indignation, like that of all inhabitants of Juchitán, town of Oaxaca where earthquake struck with more force, mixed with despair. "There has been no authority to see us. We are abandoned and only help of people who brings us food he is saving. The houses do not reach anything, go to collection centers, but if we go we steal" it, y report more than 20 people, also children and old people, lying under trees.

Relatives and friends accompanying remains of a victim of earthquake in Juchitán, Mexico. RONALDO SCHEMIDTAFP

a Few meters later, two groups of families are waiting with ir chairs in street. About m fell roof of his house, ors were bent a side of building to touch ground. "Nobody has passed by here. We have been abandoned.

The mayor to ask for a yes vote came house-to-house now does not appear", report.

Just at that moment arrives a bike a couple. Gem and Vincent. She is known as 'Payasita Gem', ir work. Bring something to eat. "it Stinks of death in section 5. It smells putrid. I believe that re are still dead under rubble,", she says.

Take help of houses of people, something that until now do not make administrations, because neighbors are afraid to go out and be stolen. "There is prey. In this home that once stood came two guys on Friday to steal. People have to patrol," says Gem.

"If you go to collection center will require you to stay re or won't give you anything, but we're not going to leave our homes to take away what little we have", say neighbors of Avenida Pino Juarez.

Sleeping on satin between debris and thieves

In anor part of city, several families live under plastic tarps. There are over 50 people who sleep in plaza beside ir houses made of rubble. "We are poor to buy guns, but machetes and sticks gives us. The men are patrolling at night to stop thieves. Only have been voluntary, authorities here did not pass anyone, " y report.

Nearby, Carlos Morán, teaches us remains of what was ir home. They got lucky in middle of drama. "My aunt is blind. He ran for panic of quake and fell in yard. Just n collapsed house. It was all a cloud of dust and she was screaming asking for help. When we were able to rescue her had broken an arm. I cried". Do you have fear? "We are afraid of aftershocks and ft. I have lost my job because my company collapsed. We don't have anything," says.

The story is repeated in each dump shed for city. The drama increases.

The fts have created a psychosis of collective. The huge cooperation between neighbors collides with fear of night. When sun goes down appear criminals, and also neighbours, among shadows.

"last night we stopped two guys who had kidnapped a baby. Do not stop patrolling. The prey know area and move with stealth. We have slept two hours today," a Federal Police arrived in State of Mexico.

A man watches remains of her home, destroyed by earthquake, in Juchitán, Mexico. CARLOS JASSOREUTERS

"at night we don't sleep by radio of policeman who guards shelter and hear everyone. We began to hear that re are vans with hooded by city. We listened as cops pursue m, as y give signals of alarm and we are all dead of fear," says Laura, a woman who along with 200 or people living in hostel Che Gomez.

There are also children and elderly, but conditions are much better than in houses. "The city council put us tarps and have brought two mattresses for children," says Fabian Blazquez.

If rain touches sleep sitting up.

In 30 minutes that we are re to pass three cars handing out clos and two cars with food and drink. In midst of that despair re is almost an abundance of aid in respect of private houses. "This family is hogging it all. Look at everything you have and re accumulated. It's a shame ", denounced police that was in charge of hostel and that speaks of a family, with several men, who have mountains of clos, food and drink. Dominate deals.

In hostel, a sports centre, re are two small bathrooms for 200 people. They are very dirty after five days. "y asked Me to clean myself, but I am police and I do not dedicate myself to clean up. There's not even soap", says agent.

Maybe a last corner that explain what happens in Juchitán is cemetery of palm Sunday. Is empty. Many tombs and niches are destroyed. Portraits, vases and crosses were broken off. No one went yet to fix it. The fight is still to save living, re has not been time yet to worry about dead.

Residents of municipality of Juchitán sleep outside of ir homes destroyed by earthquake. Mario Arturo MartínezEFE"we Understand that help must be house-to-house"

The mexican company, through numerous donations, and Federal Government with a massive landing of troops and of almost all cabinet ministers, with president Enrique Peña Nieto at head, trying to alleviate harsh humanitarian catastrophe in two poorest states in country: Oaxaca and Chiapas.

The population, however, shows a constant outrage by , in his opinion, poor management of huge amount of help. "We understand sadness and anger of people, but it is a problem of time. The amount of ground to cover is vast and we are working on getting to all parts," responds to THE WORLD, Aurelio Nuño, secretary of Education, one of ministers moved to area.

They have already sent more than 250 tons of help. There are thousands of military men and volunteers. Are censando real estate that should derruirse and that will be shored up. "We have understood that re is a problem with which aid is delivered only in shelters and now are going to start doing house-to-house. reconstruction, unfortunately, will be slow and will come moments of despair", explains responsible for repairing more than 1,650 schools were damaged.


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