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Eight NATO countries to spend 2% of GDP on defense this year

The Government of Pedro Sánchez has not ratified the Promesa de Rajoy to reach 1.53% in 2024

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Eight NATO countries to spend 2% of GDP on defense this year

On eve of Brussels summit, Secretary general of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, came to footsteps of Trump's criticism of low spending in defence of European partners announcing that seven allied countries, in addition to US, will reach 2% of GDP this year.

Stoltenberg passed this Tuesday by three of se countries (Poland, Lithuania and Romania) will touch percentage without reaching it and, above all, that among compliers are three Baltic republics whose joint GDP does not reach 100 billion euros, less than Tenth part of Spanish. In words of a diplomat, "2% of zero is zero."

Trump has been busy heating previous environment with letters addressed to at least 10 Allied leaders, including Spanish Pedro Sanchez, complaining that ir countries do not meet target set at Wales summit of 2014 to devote 2% of GDP to defense , in last weekend y have been bombarded, in addition, with tweets in which it ensures that " USA spends much more on NATO than any or country" and that, "according to some calculations, pays 90%", which "is not fair or acceptable."

In fact, Welsh summit did not agree to reach 2% of GDP in 2024, but to "tend" towards that goal; And USA does not pay 90% of NATO's budget, but 22%. Anor thing is that US military spending alone assumes 67.5% of total military spending of 29 allies, but that includes its deployment in atres as far away from Europe as Japan or South Korea.

Stoltenberg acknowledged that "burden-sharing is not fair" and forecast "strong and frank arguments" between Trump and his partners. However, he stressed that situation "is improving" and encoded an increase in military spending included in national plans that Allies presented to NATO at end of last year in 266 billion of extra dollars.

The new Spanish president has not yet said wher he assumes commitment acquired by former defense minister, María Dolores de Cospedal, who in a letter to Stoltenberg admitted that Spain would not reach 2% of GDP in military spending in 2024, but at 1.53% , equivalent to about 18 billion euros. According to figures released yesterday by NATO, Spain will allocate 0.93% of GDP this year to military expenditure, same percentage as Belgium, and only ahead of Luxembourg.

The American president's Black Beast is Germany, which this year will devote 1.19% of GDP and plans to reach 1.5% in 2024. "Although some of se countries [ allies] have been increasing ir contribution since I took office, y must do much more, Germany is at 1%, US is at 4%," Trump wrote.

NATO opens door to Macedonia

Beyond spending and position on Russia, NATO is planning to deal with or issues at Brussels Summit. Once dispute between Greece and Macedonia is settled by name of this country, alliance is preparing to invite new norrn Macedonia to become its 30th ally.

Leaders will also establish a training mission in Iraq and provide additional support to Tunisia and Jordan.


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