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Emperor Xi and the zombie governments of the West

Western politics is plagued by fragile leaders. is to see how much the assets of freedom and the rule of law will compensate that disadvantage

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Emperor Xi and the zombie governments of the West

While Xi Jinping is imperially consolidated on Chinese throne and Vladimir Putin governs Russia with stainless steel fist, Western Panorama offers a striking contrast to a pleiad of weak and limited leaders and governments. Then a syntic vision.

Europe. Except for case of France, where Emmanuel Macron enjoys an important political capital, panorama is evident. Angela Merkel has harvested worst outcome of her party's history in September elections and now undertakes complex negotiations to form a coalition of government. In UK, Theresa May lost absolute majority Tory in June elections, governs with support of Norirlandeses ultraconservatives and is greatly weakened by internal conflicts to her coalition. He is still in power just because his party understands that it is not for him to open an open war of succession now. In Italy, since resignation of Matteo Renzi in last December, it governs Paolo Gentiloni, a respected figure but without support of urns or overflowing charisma. In Spain, Mariano Rajoy ruled in a minority, eaten by greatest institutional challenge in decades- Catalan question-and disrepute for wide smear of corruption over his party. In Nerlands, after seven months of paralysis, a coalition of government has just formed, which noneless represents a capital-political stunt, with Christian liberals and ultraconservatives in same car. In order to reach an agreement, two ministers had to be appointed in several portfolios. Austria also embarks on difficult government negotiations.

USA. On or side of Atlantic, Panorama is no better. Apparently, Donald Trump enjoys an unwonted accumulation of power. It has a majority in both chambers; A Supreme court whose current configuration is not hostile. And yet he is a paralyzed leader. In nine months since he took office, he has failed to approve a single law worthy of mention. It arouses widespread suspicion of its international historical allies (except Israel) and a very consistent part of world public opinion.

Latin America. Expanding focus on Latin America, horizon is just as bleak. Here, exception is Mauricio Macri, who in Argentina has just been revalidated with a solid victory in legislatures his reformist proposal. The rest are almost rubble. Brazil, regional giant, lives immersed in an endless political crisis and nauseated by endemic corruption. The support of its president, Michel dread, is in percentages of foreign shame, constantly below 10%. In Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto is a lame duck with elections to eye next year. The serious thing is that it seems to be a long time ago, and that re are no clear reliefs on horizon. In Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos is also out, Pedro Pablo Kuczinski suffers in Peru and Chile faces uncertain elections shortly.

Justin Trudeau, in Canada, and Shinzo Abe, Japan, join Macron and MACRI among leaders strongly in western arc in broad sense. Made balance, western panorama is quite disheartening. No doubt Great Recession is among factors that cause this fragility and political fragmentation. It will be interesting to see in future how much damage this weakness of politics causes to destinies of societies affected. And what capacity of rebalancing will have admirable Western assets: freedom and respect for rule of law, which for some time already-centuries in some cases-have stimulated free thought, extraordinary universities, entrepreneurship, Innovation, wealth. The accumulated GDP of US and EU remains triple that Chinese and thirty times Russian; NATO's military spending, four times Chinese, and its accumulated capacities, incomparably superior; All students in world dream of studying at Oxford or Harvard, Silicon Valley is epicenter of global innovation, Wall Street and city of finance.


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