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Escobar's son warns Netflix: All dealers hate "Narcos"

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Escobar's son warns Netflix: All dealers hate

"When I watch lions in Africa, I can't be surprised if I'm eaten."

with se clear words, Pablo Escobar's († 44) son Sebastián warns "Narcos"-makers: "The drug dealers are looking at series. But y don't like m. "

Netflix would rar be cautious, he said to British "mirror". The cartel bosses would hate it if ir names and cities were used to tell things that were not true: "This can lead to real conflicts."

Pablo Escobar at end of 1970s with his son Sebastián MarroquínFoto: Action Press

► The Location Scout Carlos Muñoz (37) was shot in September when he was looking for possible locations for fourth season of Netflix series in Mexico.

Escobar-son Sebastián Marroquín (40): "I don't know too much about what happened to Netflix guy. But Mexico is a very dangerous patch. Netflix should show more sense of responsibility. "

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    After murder of a "Narcos" employee, Pablo Escobar's bror warns Netflix streaming to shoot in Colombia!

  • In search for "Narcos" Netflix employees shot in Mexico

    Location Scout Carlos Muñoz (37) was shot in his search for venues for Netflix series "Narcos" in Mexico.

Already before, Escobar's bror Roberto de Jesús Escobar Gaviria (70) Threatened:

"I don't want Netflix or any movie production company without permission from my company Escobar Inc. in Medellín or Colombia to turn a film referring to me or my bror Pablo. It's very dangerous. Especially without our blessing. This is my country. "

"Narcos" portrays ascent of Pablo Escobar (played by Wagner Moura from "Elysium") and fight against him and his drug cartel. It is told from Escobar's perspective and that of American drug investigator Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook from "Gone Girl").

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