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EU summit in Sofia avoids prospect of accession to the Balkans

Macron calls for improvements in the region and EU reform before talking about new income to the Community club

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EU summit in Sofia avoids prospect of accession to the Balkans

Fifteen years after last Joint meeting between European Union leaders and Balkan partners, se countries ' accession prospects have not improved one iota. There are even signs of kickback. The European leaders concluded on Thursday summit with Western Balkan countries without giving expectations of an early entry into Community club, despite fact that European Commission considers it feasible to have new revenues in 2025. Leaders declare mselves convinced that future of se countries is within EU. But his words betray m.

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"If we talk about numbers, GDP and population of se countries are acceptable. But volume of problems per capita is much higher than that of France or Germany, " President of European Council, Donald Tusk, slipped in press conference, despite concluding that" re is no plan B "for accession. The meeting ended with a family photo whose only absence was that of Mariano Rajoy. The Spanish president did not go for participation in this meeting in Kosovo, to which Spain does not grant country status.

The EU faces a dilemma in its relationship with Balkan partners (Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Kosovo). On one hand, shortcomings in corruption, compliance with rule of law, arms trafficking and organized crime scare off a European club that has not yet been able to digest most recent incorporations well. Romania and Bulgaria, last to accede to Community family, in 2007, are still subject to a mechanism of evaluation of ir structures of rule of law conceived in principle for a short period. And lack of agility that sometimes shows EU to work with 28 members deters when it comes to enlarging group.

The European leader who most clearly expresses it is French president, although large countries (except Italy) share ir position. "We cannot open a negotiation with se countries without conditions in areas such as migration or fight against corruption. They have to improve many aspects before. And EU will not be able to start this process if it is not reformed before, "warned Emmanuel Macron. The French leader, however, accepts risks of se countries being more open to Russia and Turkey, who are trying to benefit from that European vacuum. The figures are categorical: 73% of Balkan trade is done with EU. and community investment in region reaches same percentage. To Brussels, despite everything, it is hard to capitalize on that presence.


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