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European defense advances by outlining its first projects

The first remittance of measures includes improving cyber, one of the EU and NATO priorities

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European defense advances by outlining its first projects

European ambition to integrate more into defense (CFSP) is already a legal reality. After signing ceremony that lit a month ago, European foreign holders ratified it on Monday officially in Brussels, with two more states that were added at last minute (Portugal and Ireland). The result is that project conceived as an attempt to create a hard core of defense in Europe to advance faster covers 25, practically all. Only UK — which leaves EU in 2019 — Denmark and Malta opt to stay out.

The EU had a keen interest in launch not being a mere declaration of intent. To avoid sense of vagueness, formal decision came with a list of 17 concrete plans to develop from 2018. These include creating a platform for sharing information about cyber-threats and how to tackle m. The objective is to develop an active defense in this area, not only to neutralize possible attacks. The project places special emphasis on exchanging information from intelligence services, an area that is always sensitive to national authorities.

The second initiative in this area is to create rapid response teams to cyber. The CFSP countries thus seek to ensure a higher level of resistance against incidents. These teams would be used to assist any Member State that might need it, as well as European institutions. In this assistance, ability to identify where cyber come from is particularly important, a tremendously complex analysis that leaves most of se episodes unanswered by authorities.

Strategic control

The Spanish foreign minister, Alfonso Dastis, celebrated birth of a European project in which Spain has contributed decisively, toger with Germany, France and Italy. Dastis endorsed phrase of President of Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, on beginning of a cooperation already envisaged in Treaty of Lisbon (2007), but hirto unexplored. "We have awakened Sleeping Beauty." Now we must ensure that it will have viability; We must work seriously to achieve this, he said, aware that long periods needed to start se laborious processes are a challenge.

Spain participates practically in all chapters that will inaugurate cooperation in defense. Besides, he leads one of m. It is development of a command and strategic control structure for European security and defence missions (for example, Operation Sophia to combat illegal migrant trafficking).

Anor of novelties presented — in this case by Germany — is creation of a medical command with capacities to assist European missions abroad. Such support would enable deployment of a kind of basic health care unit for staff involved in such operations and may be injured or need urgent medical assistance for any reason. Germany, for years reluctant to any kind of military development in Europe, wanted to give a patina of soft power to its projects with initiatives like this.

After inclusion in this list, each project will have to be unanimously approved and begin to materialize over next year. None of m are likely to be operational before 2019.


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