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Evacuees from Syria hundreds of white helmets and their families

Israel permits entry by the passage of Quneitra of the 800 displaced Syrians temporarily received by Jordan

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Evacuees from Syria hundreds of white helmets and their families

Saturday night was very busy in Golan Heights. Dozens of minibuses lined up ready to receive hundreds of displaced Syrians fleeing contest, arrived at border crossing controlled by Israel to be evacuated. "Following a directive of Israeli Government and at request of United States and some European countries Army recently completed humanitarian effort to rescue members and relatives of a Syrian civil organization", recognized Hebrew army in a Communiqué issued early Sunday morning.

According to Jordanian news agency Petra, re were several hundred white Helmets — Syrian Civil defense (DCS and Difaa al Medani Suri in Arabic), baptized by media as White Helmets — and ir families who will be welcomed Temporarily by Jordan. In total, 800 displaced people who during night and early morning left Syria through Israel, escorted by Hebrew and UN forces, to reach ir destination in neighboring Hachémite kingdom. According to details made public by Jordanian authorities, in next three months y will be relocated in Germany, Canada and United Kingdom, three countries which, until now, would have offered to welcome m.

"These are Syrian citizens who were working on civil defense in opposition-controlled areas that were bombarded by Syrian army. The application was approved for purely humanitarian reasons, "said Mohamen Al-Kayed, spokesman for Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. An exceptional measure by Jordan, which already houses more than 1.3 million of Syrians displaced by contest and whose border with Syria was declared a "closed military zone" a year ago, for despair of those who continue to flee war

In recent weeks, Syrian president's troops, Bashar al-Assad, are advancing country's south West Reconquest. The fighting in provinces of Quneitra and Daraa- first border with Golan Heights occupied by Israel in 1,967 and both bordering on Jordan-have intensified so much that, according to Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, in last 24 hours more than 20,000 civilians would have fled areas controlled by self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) in that region and anor 10,000 would still be trapped between two fires in Yarmuk River basin, still controlled by Islamists.

Although Israel has also kept border crossing closed, it has been constant drip of Syrians who have crossed border to be cared for in Hebrew hospitals before returning to Syria. For a couple of years, as part of so-called Operation Good Neighbor, Israel facilitates treatment in field hospitals and Israeli medical centers to displaced Syrians who approach border in Quneitra. According to official Hebrew data, at least 600 children would have been treated in Israeli institutions.

Asad's troops are advancing rapidly in Quneitra and according to several information published this week by Hebrews, y already control several strategic points from which Israeli-controlled border is seen. The new scenario increasingly makes establishment of Syrian regime's military, backed by Russia and Iran, close to demilitarized zone in 1,974 by Syria and Israel in Golan Heights.

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