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F ü R The Gr ü is about the existence

Climate protection? FL ü Chtlingspolitik? End of mass livestock farming? These will be important topics in the field of probing. But the Gr ü nen m ü have to do more after this election result: they ü have to find their role anew.

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F ü R The Gr ü is about the existence

In past few days, Greens have done exactly what y can do best-and what can be ir downfall from now on. They argued with full verve about term homeland. Is that a conservative term? A right? Or is it perhaps acceptable, even for a green one?

Many members, fans and activists were in midst of debate; Most interesting, however, was word battle between party leader Simone Peter and ex-party chief Reinhard Bütikofer. Peter admonished and warned and stressed that term was dangerous; Bütikofer wants Greens to get ir old reflexes down. The party could not have been better able to demonstrate falling task it faces in coming weeks.

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The subject is not wrong. What's wrong is way many green knee-jerks are still slowing down everything that hasn't been in stuff for years. No one should disturb m, no one should force m to question ir own actions. It didn't matter for years, but now it's going to be highly dangerous for party. It goes from now on to nothing less than existence of Greens.

Yes, y scored 8.9 percent and ended up getting better on election day than y had to fear for a long time. This is good for you, after all you have chance to shape country in case of a Jamaica coalition in next four years. But this result is also dangerous. Indeed, it suggests to all those who have found all rituals and reflexes and hot-beloved conflicts good for decades that y need not change anything. It would seem that green Selbstbespiegelungen could always go on like this. The Greens, beautifully guarded in ir own world, apparently still wish for many, perhaps too many in this party.

The election result of 24 September, admittedly, is something completely different: it requires Greens not only to think about Jamaica. It cries out that you also check your self-understanding, your group behavior, your reflexes. Is it still timely that this party will be led in wings? Was it really wise and successful to be able to operate in Berlin with a double tip? Is it appropriate to consider now, above all, how to enforce your own goals against or parties? This is all practised practice-and it has been quite miserable in past four years with honest view.

The accusation that this party is not surprising is not really recognizable, has no central message-it has its origin in se old structures and makes control mechanisms. And anyone who takes latest election result as proof that everything is actually good, that deceives himself and everyone else. There are too many who have chosen Greens in spite and not because of ir twin peaks, ir quarrel culture, ir wing infatuation.

The old thinking has come to an end through voter

Anyone who realizes this knows that it cannot remain as it is. And that Greens must talk about it before y enter into coalition negotiations. The new four-tens team can help you to conduct exploratory talks. Yes, it can make nucleus for something new. It is precisely now, under pressure from situation in a country which is being challenged by AfD-and does not have any more classical majority relations.

The old thinking in this republic, this studied back and forth between left and right, has come to an end through electorate. And any party that does not understand this and does not respond to it will have existential problems.


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