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Fined an ecologist for photographing the closure to traffic on the Home Field

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Fined an ecologist for photographing the closure to traffic on the Home Field

Juan García Vicente, recognized member of Ecologists in Action and Platform to Save Field House, you receive a penalty for making pictures of moment that car stopped to go through to always park in madrid

The last that atajarán by House of Field

"I Thought I was not going to receive fine, it is something that lacks sense, but machinery of Administration is unstoppable", says John Garcia purpose of notification sent to Government department of Environment and Mobility of Madrid city Council, by means of which fine is imposed by "behave in a way that annoys or users of road".

The events took place on 25th of July, day appointed by city Council of Madrid to close tunnel of The Mulberry trees, closing in this way possibility for cars to pass through Casa de Campo. Juan Garcia was presented in bower of Mulberry trees, where stood mouth of a tunnel that leads to road North of M-30, for taking pictures of historic moment as many times claimed by conservation associations that it represents.

At time of facts, as can be seen in one of images sent to this newspaper by own García, you see barrier that closes mouth of tunnel, operators covering signals and a group of agents and operators city with one of ir bikes, all of m clearly in middle of street. Also a couple of vehicles esquivándolos to get out of House from Field by only route possible, road South of M-30.

Noticed one of agents of presence of Garcia, approached him, demanding his documentation, such as self-reported. "I gave him my card, at time that I listened to comments surprising as 'we've got rabies' and like". Garcia makes it clear that reality is quite opposite, "well, we collaborated and participated in seminars and discussions not only with Ecological Unit- Green squad (one of whose agents was multante), but also with trade unions of Municipal Police of Madrid and or places".

Although notice points out that moletaba rest of users of pathway, Garcia points out that at time of fine was close to curb of roundabout that was without anyone and in addition is very wide, "in a part not spent, or cars, or bicyclists, or joggers, or pedestrians, something that you can testify a person who saw it all," he says.

The violation involves no loss of points

notification of city Council is identical to that of circulation, to point that notes that infringement imposed on this pedestrian does not imply in loss of points on driving license, keeping blank boxes of registration, make and model of vehicle used at time of reported facts. "This is something that points out incongruity of punishment", stresses Garcia, who concludes that "we do not interpret that this is way of acting of Green Patrol, whose members who we think are public servants in broad sense".

given circumstances, anecdotal, in 1993, own Juan Garcia was fined again in Field House. On that occasion, was run by one of roads that still drove cars. Amateur unrepentant of running, was preparing for a marathon, when a municipal agent will be fined with one thousand dollars "by circulating as a pedestrian by road obstructing traffic." To continue with this policy of sanctions, given dramatic increase of riders on all streets of Madrid and twenty-four years after that, town Council of Madrid would get a good slice.

The fine imposed on Garcia at this time is 30 euros, with reduction for early payment will remain at 15.


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