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Found a stash of hashish in a trash container Fuencarral

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Found a stash of hashish in a trash container Fuencarral

The operators of cleaning Fuencarral are seven plates and 100 'acorns' of drug

last Monday morning, operators of cleaning Ayuntamietno Madrid got a big surprise when you open a container located in district of madrid Fuencarral El Pardo. When y went to deposit trash y saw something strange in interior of enclosure.

The look good, y proved that it was numerous plates of hashish, acorns and plants, according to sources close to investigation. The Police must now find out who was able to shed drug on premises, and if he was re to be hidden for a short space of time and to be collected by anor person.

The employees who discovered hashish were in cleaning tasks in area. One of m was to throw in a container of waste collected.

When you open cube already was surprised by strong smell radiating from cube. When he looked carefully he saw that re were a number of acorns of hashish to be dealt by container. Immediately, y decided to notify Municipal Police and National Police and to ir superiors of company for which he worked.

police officers of Fuencarral El Pardo advised to turn to guides, canines specialized in drug detection to track area. Not found anything else in environment.

Finally, it took seven plates of hashish of approximately 100 grams each, 100 acorns of same substance of about 10 grams of weight and several hemp plants.

The agents were also questioning several people and checking to see if in that area re may be security cameras that will shed light to this strange discovery.


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