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Found dead Mara Castile, the young woman who disappeared after boarding a car of Cabify

The student of 19 years was murdered in a motel. The driver and sole suspect is arrested

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Found dead Mara Castile, the young woman who disappeared after boarding a car of Cabify
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The news has made us tremble to Mexico. Mara Fernanda Castilla, student who had been missing since he boarded a car of Cabify last week, has been found dead, confirmed Friday governor of Puebla, Tony Gali. The driver who should have taken home is only detainee and a suspect. The office of Prosecutor ensures that driver killed her in a motel.

The body was found this morning in board of Santa María Xonacatepec, a small town 15 kilometers from capital of Puebla. The authorities also catearon a house in Subdivision Malintzi in neighboring State of Tlaxcala, where y found clos and objects of college student. "The full weight of law to those responsible for crime of Mara Castile, we will review with rigor standards of safety of Cabify," wrote governor on Twitter.

outrage on networks and on street adds to macabre manner of his death, detailed by Prosecutor's office. 

With deep sorrow I send my condolences to families of #MaraCastilla. QDEP. The alleged perpetrator is in custody and will pay for this crime.

— Tony Gali (@TonyGali) September 15, 2017

After going dancing with her friends, Mara asked for a taxi through application of Cabify to return to your home. Were five of morning of Friday, September 8. Half an hour later vehicle came to his residence and parked in front of family home for more than 20 minutes, as picked up security cameras. At that time, young man was inside and alleged killer smoked a cigar inside vehicle, explained Prosecutor's office.

The driver, Ricardo Alexis "N" — authorities have omitted surname,  came to testify voluntarily a day later. According to his version, she asked to get off a few meters before reaching your home. According to this, authorities followed three research lines: that what you said driver were true; that it had been delivered to a third party in path between bar and your home, or that is in interior of vehicle when it was recorded by cameras, as concluded.

we deeply Regret death of Mara Fernanda. Our entire team stands in solidarity with his family, and we accompany m this time

— Cabify Mexico (@Cabify_Mexico) September 15, 2017

To contrast testimony of Ricardo Alexis, prosecutors determined that Mara and him were on same sites day of disappearance. The phone of student, in possession of alleged killer, was allowed to do a crawl of places through GPS. Alexis took supposedly Mara to motel from The South, police reported Thursday. When you check room, he discovered that y were missing a fitted sheet and a towel. Mara appeared at 13.00 hours wrapped in a sheet of same motel. Mara was murdered at motel, according to authorities.

Currently, driver is in jail accused of deprivation of liberty and murder. During agonizing week of searching, family had not received a request for rescue, but an anonymous call that claimed that she was well, without giving more details. The main line of investigation after disappearance had been trafficking in persons, but authorities claim that young man died same September 8. The authorities have not revealed causes of death, but have said that all elements point out that author acted without accomplices.

Conclude investigations into disappearance of young Mara Fernanda

— EGFR Puebla (@FiscaliaPuebla) September 15, 2017

The Prosecutor called her murder "femicide" and death has put finger on sore spot about domestic violence in Mexico. This week a group of actresses has released a video to denounce impunity and insecurity with which y live women in country. 

"Mara don't ask for forgiveness for being a woman," writes Vivien Vazquez, a young poblana that responds in a letter to re-victimization of young woman: "When you return home do not ask for forgiveness for having gone out with your friends having fun, eir you put linda". Vasquez did not know that Mara Castile, but that is least of it. The disappearance and murder of young woman reveal a systemic crisis. 

For its part, Cabify has lamented "deeply" death of Mara Fernanda. The company has been harshly criticized for alleged failures in ir security filters. The company boasts of offering a service that is more secure than or, ir drivers must pass driving controls, psychometric and background. In your statement of terms and conditions, Cabify waiver of "any obligation, claim or damage arising" in relationship between user and "third party carrier". The Government of Puebla announced that it will investigate company.

Hours after it was unveiled to news, governor announced that it will cancel cocktail party to celebrate Day of Independence "due to painful loss of Mara." The representative also stated that he took this decision in solidarity with families of Chiapas and Oaxaca affected by earthquake of 7th September. 

full weight of law to those responsible for crime of #MaraCastilla. We will review with rigor standards of safety @Cabify_Mexico.

— Tony Gali (@TonyGali) September 15, 2017


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