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France & #39;d A anti-terrorism bill approved

France & #39;d A draft anti-terrorism bill, which will take effect after takeoff.   According to the new regulation, many jurisdictions have been transferred to the governor's office.

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France & #39;d A anti-terrorism bill approved

France The National Assembly approved draft law on  terrorism, which will take effect after emergency application (Ohal) has been lifted.

The draft in Parliament voted to be adopted by 415 votes against 127.

The design, Republican March, founder of President Emmanuel Macron, supports Union of independents and Democrats, while centre-right Republican Party, extreme rightist National Front party and extreme leftist MPs Output.

Interior Minister Gerard Collmb said in a parliamentary speech that it cannot be sustained under an extraordinary regime, arguing that bill is a permanent response to enduring threat.

New Anti-Terrorism Act

The powers and limitations of Ohal were included in new anti-terrorism law.

According to new regulation, many of judicial authorities have been transferred to governors. A number of security measures such as settlements, address raids, calls, security zones, and home prisons, which are among applications of Ohal, will be placed in new law and are under jurisdiction of governors.

More than 20 mosques were closed in context of country, while no synagogue and church were closed.

The country was declared a state of emergency (Ohal) after terror attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015 that resulted in death of 130 people. The National Assembly of France, in July 6. He decided to extend his time.

Experts argue opinion that anti-terrorism legislation is inadequate and ineffective.

The rapporteur on Human Rights Council of United Nations (UN) warned that anti-terrorism bill could lead to "unfair" and "discriminatory" practices in French citizens and especially Muslims.

The implementation of Ohal, which has been extended 6 times in France, is aimed at ending on November 1st and enacted new anti-terrorism law.


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