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Franco, Lobato and Jabonero will fight for the leadership of the PSOE in madrid

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Franco, Lobato and Jabonero will fight for the leadership of the PSOE in madrid

The struggle for PSOE in Madrid

José Manuel Franco, Eusebio Gonzalez Jabonero and Juan Lobato will be fight finally by leadership of PSOE in madrid after winning and to be verified necessary guarantees, has informed party in a press release.

After verification process, Frank Brown has 595 endorsements valid (620 shown), Gonzalez Jabonero has 587 endorsements valid (619 shown) and Lobato Gandarias account with 528 endorsements valid (593 shown). The maximum number of endorsements that could be delivered was fixed at 4 per cent of militancy, that is to say, in about 620.

Having reached three candidates have minimum necessary to be proclaimed candidates, same will be contested at primary election Saturday, September 30. In exchange, y have not reached that limit and, refore, are left out of race for party leadership in madrid, leader of platform Wins Madrid Enrique del Olmo and councillor in charge of Valdaracete Manuel Lucas. Not arrived to pick up 2 per cent of guarantees of militants, that is to say, about 310.

The next September 30 will take place first round primary elections to General Secretariat of PSOE in Madrid. If one of candidates obtains more than 50 percent of votes cast would be declared winner in first round. In event that none of candidates obtains more than half of votes, two candidates with highest number of votes concurrirían, a second round would take place on Saturday 7 October.

The candidates

Juan Lobato was first to formalize his candidacy, last Tuesday, and said that he would fight with her "until end" with intention "to give back to game." Cleared up in this way unknowns about a possible integration in application of Franco, responsible of campaign of Pedro Sanchez in primary in Madrid.

it Was deputy spokesman of socialists in Assembly, who a day after y registered ir candidacy and stressed that his goal was "to reconquer Madrid" and establish a "solid foundation" that put party in "center of left in Madrid" and "to regenerate party."

That same day, went to headquarters of PSOE-M to formalize his candidacy, critic Enrique del Olmo, who assured that in case of occupying position, it shall consult militants if socialists in town Hall of capital should be entered on government of Now Madrid, that he is favorable.

For his part, Gonzalez Jabonero said that his candidacy was "those who do not conform and do not fall into resignation", and assured that neir would look "backwards" or do "accounts of past" in reference to situation that was experienced with output of Tomás Gomez of general Secretariat shortly before elections of 2015.

The last to formalize ir intention to occupy General Secretariat was Manuel Lucas Campeño, a sweeper and a council member of PSOE in Valdaracete, who said he did not have "fear" to presentation of 300 necessary guarantees, and claimed his character worker and worker.

y All agreed to make reference to wear and tear that had undergone training by continuous "internal struggles" and alienation which had suffered from militants.

Resignation of Carmona and Hernandez

as explained by Hernandez this Thursday at a press conference, has declined to submit his candidacy, which will be integrated into José Manuel Franco, cognate to secretary general of PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, because y have "many common points".

"We have done an analysis of different projects presented and noted that project represents José Manuel Franco and project that represent us and we have many points in common," he said.

The mayor by socialists in town Hall of Madrid Antonio Miguel Carmona remained, for its part, question of wher it would or not as a pre-candidate until last moment.

Carmona said that it would not participate in a career of candidates, nor that primary should be a contest, or he had intended to split party, so that you're not going to submit to Secretariat-General but was not going to campaign for any candidates.


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