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French justice condemns Teodorín Obiang to three years ' imprisonment for corruption

The Vice-President of Equatorial Guinea shall not be penalized or pay 30 million of fine if he does not relapse

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French justice condemns Teodorín Obiang to three years ' imprisonment for corruption

The tribunal made up of three judges also imposes a fine — which should not pay if it does not relapse — of 30 million euros, according to sources of international transparency, NGO that denounced Teodorín and managed to seize all its properties in Paris During instruction of this case referred to as "badly acquired property". The defense of Obiang, represented by Sergio Abeso Tomo, will appeal ruling.

The sentence to Teodorín Obiang has implied definitive confiscation of all goods that it acquired in France with money plundered in equatorial Guinea and whose value exceeds 100 million euros, in particular a gigantic building of 4,500 square meters in Number 42 of Avenue Foch by which paid 25 million euros and a collection of luxury cars and works of art.

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The testimony of a equatorial, resident in Madrid, who tried to assassinate has been key in failure

The son of African dictator faced a sentence of ten years in prison and a fine of 50 million euros, although from beginning of process and due to characteristics of French law both accusation and defense knew that conviction did not obl. Igaría to his prison income. "It is a símbólica condemnation, but of a great political and juridical transcendence for being who it is", designates country a French judicial source.

During trial, held in Paris last June, testimony of Germán Pedro Tomo, a 57-year-old businessman Equatorial resident in Alcorcón (Madrid), who described to court corrupt practices of Teodorín in Guinean public company Somagui Forestal when he was Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.

The path of this witness to celebration of trial has not been easy. Threats, blackmail and attempted assassination in 2005, at his home in Madrid that was about to cost his bror Manuel's life to which two Colombian assassins hired by two Spaniards who resided in Equatorial Guinea stabbed by mistake When he was leaving his house.

The President of Tribunal, Bénédicte de Perthuis, underlined in reading of ruling that "re is little doubt" that money used to buy m came from practices of "embezzlement of public funds" and "corruption" of current vice-president in his country , according to Efe.

The judge recalled that as Minister of Agriculture and Forest resources in mid-2000 's, his income was around $80,000 per year and "No comparison was possible" with flows of tens of millions of dollars found in his accounts, Which he insisted had come to a large extent equatorial public treasury.

The court also decreed that Obiang Mangue should indemnify with 10,000 euros to Transparency International, which was at origin of process against him by denouncing it to French justice a decade ago in a campaign known as "bad goods Acquired "against corruption in various African regimes.

The national financial prosecutor, in fact, launched this case's instruction on basis of its complaint and or non-governmental organizations, which in March 2007 alerted corrupt origin of numerous assets that Teodorín, n minister, had Accumulated in France.

The number two of regime of equatorial Guinea and son of current head of state did not go to Paris this morning to reading of sentence, as it had not come to trial, which took place between June and July last in midst of a great media expectation.

Although opposition group known as Cored Coalition to which severe Moto is associated — one of historical ones of fight against Obiang regime — had been presented as a particular indictment, judges finally did not recognize that condition.


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