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G20 Leaders Summit announced results report

It was emphasized that the fight against protectionism should be continued, international trade, economic growth, elimination of poverty, Paris Climate Change Agreement, business cooperation with Africa, increasing employment and strengthening women's role.

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G20 Leaders Summit announced results report
The final declaration of the 12th G20 Leaders Summit held in Hamburg, Germany, was announced. "The Sharing of the Benefits of Globalization", "Establishment of Resilience," "Development of Sustainable Livelihood Sources" and "Accepting Responsibility" were the main titles of Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an's presentation in the final report. Continuation of the struggle against defensive protection, , Emphasized that economic growth, elimination of poverty, support of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, business cooperation with Africa, increased employment and strengthening of women's role. The G20 leaders are reminded of the big global economic challenges in Hamburg, "Coming from the top of our day's challenges and shaping an interconnected world is the common goal of the G20, our foremost forum for the international economic business community." The declaration emphasized that advancing the common goal of the G20 in a strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth is one of the greatest priorities to advancement. "The declaration states that" terrorism includes poverty, hunger and health threats, employment creation, climate change, energy security and equality We have decided to address the fundamental challenges of the global community. We will continue to tackle these challenges by working with others, including developing countries. "Although the expectation of growth is encouraging, the growth rate is still too weak to be desired, suggesting that leaders need to take steps to accelerate growth, INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND INVESTMENT, MORE IMPORTANT MOTORS OF GROWTH "" International trade and investment is the key engine of growth, productivity, innovation, employment creation and development. " , Said: "We will keep the bilateral and mutually advantageous trade and investment frameworks and the principle of non-discrimination clear, and we will keep the markets open and protect them, including unfair trade practices. We will continue to fight healthy, and we recognize the role of legitimate trade defense instruments in this context. We will try to ensure a smooth movement area, in particular by promoting a positive environment for trade and investment. "For this purpose, the World Trade Organization (WTO), United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), noted the importance of transparency for trade associations that can be foreseeable and mutually beneficial. ) And Economic ...


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