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Gaza : Hamas says it is ready for reconciliation with Fatah

The islamist movement ensures that he will relinquish power in the Gaza strip to the unity government after general elections.

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Gaza : Hamas says it is ready for reconciliation with Fatah
In power in Gaza strip since 2007, Hamas says it is ready, in a news release issued Sunday, 17 September, to discuss formation of a government of reconciliation with its rival Fatah, and to hold general elections.

The armed islamist movement, says he will relinquish power in Gaza strip to unity government and that administration he has put in place will be dissolved.

In its statement, Hamas said that it meets " generous efforts of egyptians, which reflect desire of egypt to end division and achieve reconciliation" and talks about his " desire to achieve national unity ".

humanitarian Crisis

The islamist movement leading Gaza strip since it ousted palestinian Authority, controlled by Fatah movement of palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas in 2007 after winning general elections in 2006. All efforts to reconcile two rival groups and to form a national unity government have failed until now.

But Hamas has been weakened by years of israeli blockade, and deterioration of its relations with Egypt after removal of former president, islamist egyptian Mohamed Morsi, in 2013. Nearly 90 % of smuggling tunnels between Egypt and Gaza, vital for economy of gaza, have been destroyed by Cairo. Last blow : ostracized by its arab neighbors of Qatar, main financier of islamist movement in palestine.

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The humanitarian crisis in Gaza has also been reinforced by restrictions imposed by palestinian Authority to pressure Hamas and force it to negotiate a government of national unity. The UN has even ruled that enclave, one of most densely populated areas in world (2 million inhabitants) would become "unlivable" by 2020. On a visit to Gaza Wednesday 30 August, secretary-general, Antonio Guterres, has called for lifting of israeli blockade and egyptian.


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