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Germany, the Spd of Schulz's peak in the polls a week from the elections

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Germany, the Spd of Schulz's peak in the polls a week from the elections
BERLIN - The Spd, Martin Schulz, è collapsed to 20 percent, seventeen points behind Cdu-Csu. Practically, at level of guard that had led party, in January, to call l'ex-president of european Parliament at ir bedside. If result were to be confirmed in elections of next Sunday, social democrats incasserebbero worst result of ir long history. But from beginning in weeks that follow, l's appointment is crucial to 24th of September, candidate anti-Merkel runs risk first and foremost, his chair. Thereforeò you è winded to say, in se hours, that will stayà in guidance of Spd.  above all, Schulz has tried to report in past few days, in substance, conditions for a new cohabitation with German chancellor. Even if gigioneggia in interviews, offering vicecancelleria Merkel, leading social democrat is trying to carve out spaces to govern again with conservative without too much damage. A source of party, explains to microphones switched off signals of availabilityà to a new Grand coalition are also a way to win votes from Greens, in final rush of race. Many germans would be deciding to vote for party environmentalist because" y think that re is a good possibilityà that enters in next executive Merkel and prefer to opt for Gruenen that for a political force that could pass next four years, all'opposition. The Spd itself is torn between 'option to return to government with Merkel, opposed from'left wing, and a four-year all'opposition. But, as a note source to microphones turned off, "we are già were all'opposition to Merkel for one term, from 2009 to 2013. Not è that result is changed a lot". So it is bet to keep seats of command.  Or data disturbing dell'latest survey in order of time, is that populist right of 'Afd continues to grow. At moment is 12%, so is third party in germany, followed by Fdp with 9.5%, a slight increase of half a point compared to last week. In fall instead of Linke, at 9%, and Greens, at 7.5%. 


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