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Gina Haspel will lead the CIA despite the controversy over torture

The Senate confirms the appointment of the former covert agent, first woman of the story in front of the intelligence agency

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Gina Haspel will lead the CIA despite the controversy over torture

The United States Senate confirmed on Thursday appointment of Gina Haspel as director of CIA despite torrent of criticism he has received for his connection with torture inflicted on terrorism suspects after 9/11-S. Haspel, who worked more than three Decades as a covert agent, he will become first woman to lead intelligence agency.

The Senate Intelligence Committee had paved way this Wednesday by resolving to recommend it with 10 votes in favor and five against. Had he not passed this first formality, his nomination could have continued in Senate, but it would have been a sign of weakness for candidacy. In Senate, where Republicans control 51 of 100 votes, nominated by Donald Trump has achieved 54 votes in favor and 45 against, which include support of six Democrats and rejection of two Republicans.

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The vote takes place after a hearing held last week in which Haspel was questioned by Democratic legislators following his role as supervisor of CIA's first secret prison in Thailand, where brutal interrogations were conducted and torture by drowning, among or techniques. The former agent stressed that she had not carried out anything illegal and that, as director of CIA, she would not take any action that she considered immoral even if president himself asked for it. He also pointed out that, as experience had shown, CIA should not be engaged in questioning. However, he refused to describe acts he oversaw at time immoral.

These explanations seem to convince Warner, who supported her and was convinced that Haspel "is someone who will stand up and confront president if he orders him to do something illegal or immoral, like returning to torture." In face of criticism, two days before hearing, Trump had come out in defense of his nominee: My highly respected CIA leadership candidate, Gina Haspel, is being attacked for being too terrorists. Think about this, in se dangerous times we have most qualified person, a woman, that Democrats want to leave because it was hard against terror. Let Gina win! "he wrote in his Twitter account.


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