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Goldman Sachs: Transportation applications will increase by 8 times by 2030

The future of Uber and similar transportation applications, which came once again on the agenda with the boycott of the Taksici, was the subject of a report. According to Goldman Sachs 39, the report reports that in many countries the taxi driver reacts to the future, such as transportation and 160; he will prevail.

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Goldman Sachs: Transportation applications will increase by 8 times by 2030
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The friction between cabbie and Uber in last period does not fall from agenda.

Istanbul cab ers Chamber of tradesmen, Uber does not pay taxes, immediate communication of a very severe punishment is demanded.

The business-making model of Uberhas been criticized in many centres such as London and Paris before. However, International investment bank Goldman Sachspredicts that such applications will increase in future.

According to bank's report, two largest firms of market, Uber and Chinese Didi's market share will increase rapidly by 2030 years, it is estimated. In particular, market will become more widespread with self-driving cars.

The report predicts that sector would increase to 288 billion dollars by 8 times by 2030 years.

Today, traditional taxi market is 3 times size of transportation applications.

But situation in San Francisco, city where Uber was born, is different. In San Francisco, Uber has quadrupled his local taxi market today.


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