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Government education: Union and FDP propose compromise in refugee policy

Liberals and conservatives propose to facilitate labour migration from the Maghreb. The Greens are to recognize these States as safe countries of origin.

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Government education: Union and FDP propose compromise in refugee policy

In dispute over limitation of refugee's influx, domestic politicians of Union and FDP are apparently willing to offer Greens a trade. The Greens should agree to classification of Maghreb countries as safe countries of origin, in return to facilitate legal labour migration from North Africa, Rheinische Post reported.

Refugee policy is seen as a sticking point in possible talks about formation of a Jamaica coalition.

"The classification of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, adopted in May 2016 by German Bundestag as safe countries of origin, I still consider to be an indispensable means of limiting number of refugees from se countries," said CSU domestic politician Stephan Mayer of newspaper. "A settlement analogous to Western Balkans solution, which allows legal immigration to prove a working relationship, should also be considered in light of needs of German economy to workers," he said. Mayer warned Greens of "fundamental opposition."

The proposal is supported by liberals: "In anticipation of a comprehensive immigration law, it would be right to promptly explain Maghreb countries to safe countries of origin and, at same time, allow entry visas for long-term employment contracts. "also said Joachim Stamp (FDP), Minister of Integration in North Rhine-Westphalia, newspaper.


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