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Great Britain, Camilla seduced Charles for revenge: It reveals the biography of Penny Junor

At starts it was not true love. The reason that Camilla and Charles ended up sleeping together was Camilla's desire for revenge against her ">04 Ekim 2017 Çarşamba 12:33 - 29 reads.

Great Britain, Camilla seduced Charles for revenge: It reveals the biography of Penny Junor
London – before becoming his second wife, has long been his first love and n his lover. This was known. But motive that pushed Camilla Shand, as it was called n, to sleep with young Prince Charles ( first sexual experience of heir to throne, according to some), comes out only now. "He did it to avenge his fiancé," who betrayed her with Princess Anne, younger sister of Charles, "reveals Penny Junor, presenting her biography of Camilla," Duchess: The Untold Story "(The Duchess: What you did not know) at festival Henley Literary, as Times reported. ran 1971. Camilla was 24 years old. Charles 23. She was toger with Andrew Parker Bowles, a scion of aristocracy who later married and had two children. But Andrew wasn't loyal to her. Not at all loyal, he writes Penny Junor in biography: he had repetition adventures, even with some of Camilla's best friends. Which, understandably, went on all rage: once, passing under a friend's house, he saw Andrew's car parked underneath, pierceded all wheels and wrote a sentence with lipstick on window. Neverless he did not leave him. But when he discovered that Andrew had a story even with Princess Anna, he decided to make pay him in turn with a member of Royal family: Prince Charles. "The same day that Charles presented m, Andrew had spun it somewhere with Anne," says biographer. "So Camilla decided: I will give him a lesson. And he took to bed Charles. " The Prince n had a series of reports, among his 20 and his 30 years, mostly with married women: The Libre identifies only one, Lady Tryon, by him nicknamed Kanga.Il his great youthful love remained however Camilla and Carlo "broke heart" when appear If that she would marry Parker Bowles. But heir to throne could not ask for her hand for an unwritten rule of British monarchy: Camilla was no longer a virgin, having known a long relationship with anor man, Andrew precisely. Neverless, Penny Junor writes, two continued to see each or, and probably to go to bed toger, until Charles engaged with Diana. From that moment on, he affirmed biography, Camilla avoided events in which he could meet Charles. The assertion made long after by Diana, according to which Camilla would sleep with Charles even night before ir royal marriage, was "senseless", He supports author. As it is, Carlo and Camilla do not stay apart for long. "We were three in our marriage," said Diana after divorce in a sensational interview with BBC. But n Diana died, Camilla divorced and became second wife of man with whom initially, if she listens to this gossip on royal horns, she had gone to bed Only "for revenge."


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